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An entry for #smartphonephotography run by @juliank

Just the end of another short icelandic day, catching the last glimpse of the winter sun.
Beautiful colours, aren't they?


SettingsISO 40, 1/1799 sec, F2.2
CameraIphone 6
Lens4.15 mm
Locationsomewhere in Iceland

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Wow, this is a GORGEOUS capture! Some of my favorite shades of blue and purple, and the water refection is excellent. Tip!


thank you @traciyork


You're welcome, @bertokandi!

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Absolutely stunning picture ! I'm in love with Iceland (and not only for their awesome music bands .. ) Your photo makes me want to buy a one way ticket for Reykjavik ^^


indeed, Iceland is very good at music. I'm surely going to post more ;)


Please do :) And yes i listen a lot of bands coming from Iceland - a lot are so amazing. Olafur Arnalds is one of my favorite composer right now and i'm a huge fan of Sigur Ros for many years. I look forward to seeing more awesome Iceland photos. Peace. CS


I love Olafur and Sigur Ros too. Do you know her?

She's from Feroer Islands, just popped in my mind :)


Wow awesome ! no i had never heard about her :) thank you and it inspires me.. i just launched ableton and maschine... i'm gonna sample this voice i think ! With a beautiful piano melody, could be amazing. Please if anything pop in your mind, don't hesitate to share again. Peace. Lio

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Halihóóó! Itt a cikk rólatok, remélem, tetszeni fog! Ha valami hibát észlelsz vagy kiegészítést szeretnél, csak szólj!


Szia @kalemandra, én már el is olvastam. Nagyon tetszett, és minden info korrekt volt a cikkben. Köszönöm szépen, hogy bemutattál minket. Jó viszontlátni, hogy másoknak mi ragadja meg a figyelmét, egy kép vagy egy bemutatkozás alapján. Nagyon inspiráló. Folytatjuk :)

Hi @bertokandi. I came across @kalemandra post and introduced your awesome photos and skill in writing Haiku. Keep steeming!


Hi @soulbella, I'm glad you found me. I keep writing, thank you for your support. started to follow you as well :)

beautiful colours, indeed.


Iceland in winter, the Sun is just above the horizon all day long. Sunrise turns sunset. There's no actual daylight. Perfect for taking beautiful photos.


I'd love to visit one day.. it's even exciting to dream about :)