The Σ 10,000 SmartCash Writing Contest! Bring your A+ creative skills and explore the possibilities of a SmartCash powered world!

Lets explore the possibilities of a #SmartCash powered world!

Imagine a world in the future where everything could be powered by #cryptocurrency, one where privacy is a human right, there are no banks, no debt & better yet no poverty... I personally think blockchains could help alleviate these problems.. so here I with a fun idea.. put on a creative writing contest for Steem and get everyones views on how these ideas could perhaps become more viable than simply wishful thinking..

So here is my challenge to you, Steemians. Being as creative as you are I would like to offer a Σ 10,000 SmartCash Prize for anyone who can be creative enough to do a write up of such a world.. one not only powered by SmartCash, but perhaps Steem as well!

My 'Rules' & Expectations

  • This is NOT a homework assignment, think outside of the box.
  • Any entries MUST be tagged with #SmartCashContest & #SmartCash.
  • MUST be posted on the Steem blockchain.
  • Unlimited Entries Per Person, 1 Winner. I choose the winner.

Write-Up Requirements

  • Any entries MUST be tagged with #SmartCashContest & #SmartCash
  • Content MUST be about SmartCash use cases/scenarios in the future (near or far) (Steem allowed)
  • MUST be a worthy post, if I feel like you tried for 10 minutes and/or ripped off someone else, you are disqualified.
  • Length may vary, content must include atleast 1 image.
  • The bottom of each write up MUST CONTAIN: If you would like to learn more about SmartCash please visit

Contest will be decided on August 6th. Only Entries tagged #SmartCashContest will qualify. Good luck everyone!

Ps: Current Value of Σ 10,000 SmartCash at the time of writing this was: 0.10479 BTC at 1050 Satoshis per Smart.


One question - unless I missed it in the post - when's the deadline? Or is there no deadline...

Awesome though, thank you so much for doing this for the community, great way to get people revved up and genuinely create ideas and inspire innovation....I'm going to try my best to participate, I think of how the blockchain can be applied in real life on an every day basis, literally is the solution to so many I am excited about this!

Aug 6th!

And don't feel pressured, the only qualification is creativity, a link back to our website that is clickable and the proper hashtags! The rest is up to you! I wan't to let everyone have choice in how or what they write about, I just want it to be about 'use cases' of crypto in the real world and instead of crypto lets just us SmartCash and Steem as the examples!

Decentralizd Decentralizd tweeted @ 30 Jul 2017 - 19:13 UTC

Would you participate in a #SmartCash Vlog contest for Σ10,000 SmartCash? $Smart $Crypto $btc #bitcoin #btc #crypto #alts #altcoin #altcoins

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great contest i wish every one best of luck :)

Seems like a fun idea. Not creative enough to participate though :D

Oh nonsense! Just tell me how YOU would/could use SmartCash in the future! I made the barrier to entry very low IMO!

Leaving comment as bookmark. I'll get back this later....

Smartcash will overtake the likes of Piv in less than a few months! Better join while the entry point is this low.

I'm all in! Please support my entries :)

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