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RE: My SmartNodes Update - 60 days

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Thanks for the information and such a smooth read. I was wondering what the benefits of running my own node would be and started one a little while ago assuming there wasn't any extra benefits from running one besides the support of being in the blockchain! Thanks...I'm going to research more about my own node and step up my game! -Respect


@steviecrypto thanks reading my post and leaving a comment. I believe the benefit of running a node for me is the long term accumulation of #smartcash through #smartrewards and #noderewards. You will always end up with more smartcash than you started with. Seeing smartcash has a very strong and diverse community, it is my opinion there is room for growth.

Thank you again. Between you and another buddy here, I am slowly become swayed to running a node...or two! Good luck and thanks for the help, info and insight. -Respect

@steviecrypto do make sure you do your own research and ensure #smartnodes are a good fit for you. Take a look at the instructions to set up a node and see if it makes sense to you. There are probably a few files/folders you would be directed to on your PC/Mac that you may never have touched prior. Get comfortable navigating the folder structure and understanding the instructions on the document.

Thanks again. I'm definitely preparing to run a node or two, I'm just wondering the best token to run it for. More research will be done! Thanks again for your help. Keep up the great work! -Respect

I previously tried to run a masternode of another coin sometime last summer. I was so frustrated I sold all the coins at a loss - I wanted nothing to do with them. Their document was so bad i had to fill in gaps from DASH and PIXV documentation on steps they had missed. When #smartcash started its #masternode. It was my intention to just walk throught the document to see if i could do it. It the instructions aligned with what i saw on the VPS or my Computer. I assumed i would get stuck. That was not the case, instead i found myself with a #smartnode set up setting on my bed! while just reading the steps and doing them. From what I see on our support channel some people require a lot more support as VPS and Nodes is not something the average computer literate person does everyday. When you finally decide choose a coin with a good support system. If you want an idea of what it should look like come on our discord server. Read the challenges some node owners have had. Note the timing from question to answer. If you do not see the response in the thread you can be sure a moderator or Dev has contacted the person directly to solve the issue. (I know because it has been so for me). All the best in you search. Do keep me posted on your choice.

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