🏆 The 20,000 #SmartCash Twitter Giveaway is back! Get yourself 40 SmartCash a day just for tweeting! This time with a 10,000 SmartCash twist!

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Get SmartCash Tips by Tweeting about SmartCash!

Follow Smartcash on Twitter, Tweet one of the following tweets and include your wallet address to receive a tip instantly.

How does the #SmartCash Giveaway work?

Step #1: Get A SmartCash Wallet/Address

Step #2: Follow @SCashOfficial on Twitter

Step #3: Copy a tweet from https://smartcash.cc/twitter-giveaways/ & add your wallet address to it.

Step #4: Paste them on your twitter account.

Step #5: Get tips automatically sent to you!

*Users can get 2 tips per 24 hours, per Twitter user. The campaign goes until there are no funds left in the wallet.

To add some extra fun and incentive we are also going to be picking 1 person who has retweeted the giveaway tweet 10,000 SmartCash on August 20th so make sure to do that as well!

Questions? Comments? Leave them Below! Until next time Steemians!

www.SmartCash.cc | Get SmartCash | Forums | SmartCash Slack


woohoo, this is awesome, I need to set up a Twitter account!
Also need to take part in smart cash's creative writing contest before the deadline, will have a go today :)


Hype incoming!

i would say double woohoo! :)

Sounds interesting. I'll check it out. 😉

Never heard of smartcash before. I'm always missing out on good things. I will start looking into it

Definitely worth a look!

If your fine with Solo minging, then the time is now. otherwise it can be gotten from Cryptopia exchange. you get extra SMART for just holding smart month to month as long as you dont spend it, otherwise you forfit that months payout etc.. lots of cool stuff. SSsnhMAdw9sbGmtEuH51kxkqFfLCj6tnoe

You are so generous. Thank you!

I am Groot! :D

How long will it take for one's address to be credited, after tweeting?

It should happen within minutes, unless you have under 20 followers then you need to join slack and ask for manual tips. It's an anti spam feature.

Keep tweeting guys.. Spread it like a wildfire..!! Lol..

I seem to have some problems with the wallet for Windows. The wallet doesn't sync properly, so when I looked at the debug.log I saw a bunch of errors:

If someone could tell me what's going wrong, I'd really appreciate it! :)

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