Smartcash is NOT holding any ICO - Learn to spot an ICO scam

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Smartcash is not holding any ICOs. Period.

Watch the video (by clicking on the above picture) after you've reached the end of Dysfunctional Social Media Links section.

There are no talks of holding an ICO at this point in time. Neither in the near, nor in the distant future. So if you come across any website or any corner of the internet promising a Smartcash ICO, consider it a fake BY DEFAULT!!

A scam is being carried out in the name of Smartcash ICO as I write this post. Our amazing team has done some background researches and provided us with some evidences to prove this is a scam.

Dysfunctional Social Media Links

If you go to the website, on the top right corner there are links to social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and google plus.

Apart from the facebook page link, all the other links will just take you to the homepage of the site. If you click on the twitter link, it'll take you to your twitter account. If you click on the youtube link, it'll take you to the youtube front page and so on. You can watch the video now, or after you've finished the whole article.

Amateur Terminology

Smartcash is a cryptocurrency and has it's own blockchain. It's not called TOKEN. And if you do click on the "buy token" link, this is what shows up :

If I wanna buy smartcash, I'll go to or crypto-bridge or HitBTC or cryptowolf!!! I will not frigiin' give you my email address.

Wrong Symbol

Smartcash is SMART, not SMC. SMC is another cryptocurrency called SmartCoin.

Whitepaper, pffft!!

Smartcash does not have a whitepaper. These momos have gone through quite a bit of trouble to put up a 21 page whitepaper, which is filled with amateur mistakes, like not using the space bar for example!! The formatting looks so unprofessional that if you ever come across such a whitepaper for any other ICO in the future, SCAM alert should be ringing in your ears!!

Here's the Whitepaper btw!! Oh and this, L friggin O friggin L...... LOL!!

Fake Team Members

@hockleyj did a reverse image image search on the so called Robert Downey, who turned out to be Tyler Potepan, property manager of Lee & Associates' Charleston office. Here are the results of the reverse image search and here's an image from Lee & Associates website :

Here is the news article : Lee & Associates Charleston Hires Tyler Potepan as Property Manager.

This was good lesson I learned today. To check for ICO scams, do reverse image search of the team members. Then check a few sites and if the name stated on the ICO site doesn't match with your search, you have a fabrication at your hand!!

The second team member, John Dakai, was identified to be White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy from February 8, 2005 – August 31, 2007, Karl Rove by @allemeister. Karl Rove was also Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush from January 20, 2001 – August 31, 2007.

Stay very wary of ICO Scams

Next time you think of investing in an ICO, make sure you do these few quick checks. I'm sure there are many more ways to spot fake ICOs. But these were the ones that helped us prove this fake smartcash ICO as a scam. If you need more proof, join our Discord Channel and hear from the Smartcash Hive team itself that we are not going to have any ICOs!! Here's the tweet from the official @smartcash account :

Do us a favor, help us spread the word. I normally never ask you guys for resteems, but please make an exception and resteem this post and make sure no one gets scammed by this shameful attempt to put a black spot on the reputation of Smartcash.

Grow SMART Final.jpg

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I hope nobody fell for such an obvious scam! I love Smartcash! Upvoted!

So far I think the word has spread well and we haven't heard of anyone falling for it "Yet." But they've been all over facebook so we can't be 100% sure yet.

Utterly hilarious. Is it possible anyone would fall for that?

'Robert Downey'...LOL

Whoever falls for that deserves to get scammed according to @allemeister :D

Wow, thanks for doing the research. I didn’t see this ICO but we want to avoid poor users getting some Smartcash being scammed for their money.

Man I joined their telegram group for fun and I'm in the middle of trolling them at the moment LOL!!! They accept sending funds from exchanges....and they've priced smartcash at 30 cents and when I pointed out the price in the market is 20 cents they're like it has been adjusted to 0.2, sorry for the inconvenience 😂

Lol... who would buy an ico if anyone can mine it. Perhaps the one who initiate the ICO website is high on stupidity.

Some epic level of trolling involved haha!!

This is crazy like how people just want to sit down and used others to get money with the ico escapade, Fake ico every where, this time they are using two coin lol, smart and smc this is some funny shii they got, like you said on the white paper, just hilarious, i think every should put up a post about this to alert google in case of searches by some doubtful people like my self who would go an extra mile digging deep to check for scam reports.

What can I say bro, if people are so hell bent on making money the unfair way there really isn't much we can do. But they're just making themselves look like fools, unfortunately we don't know who they are.

exactly the point, wish they can be taken down as no to fraud more people and mostly newbies on the crypto world. sad really

People that get scamed don't do their own research first, never buy an ICO or token or coin before doing your own research and seeing if it is a scam or not, you just need a little common sense to actually "sense" one of this scams

Yes, but unfortunately many in this space right now are complete beginners and are not equipped well enough with the knowledge to do a background search or check for scams. So we're trying to provide the necessary basic infos to folks out there :)

Its a great informative post,,,,,,i appreciate your research....and help us to know about smartcash as well as perfect.........only you can give us the Perfect of luck.....

Lol, that's a super bad scam. I wanted to see the site but seems to be down...

It's still opening for me. Just checked.

Yeah, just some trolls trying to troll us.

OMG, Karl Rove is in the team! He knows how to win, I am on board!

Excellent Point 😆

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scashofficial SmartCash tweeted @ 12 Mar 2018 - 09:43 UTC

SmartCash is not holding an ICO. We never did and we never will. Beware of scammers and impersonators!…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

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