SmartCash SmartRewards - It's Staking Time

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Smart Rewards

Long term holders of SmartCash are the key to the project's success. SmartCash uses staking to encourage long-term holding of the coins to encourage growth of the cryptocurrency.
Every month on the 25th, SmartCash takes a snapshot of wallets that are holding a minimum of 1000 SMART and the following month on the 25th that wallet will be paid a proportion of the SmartRewards that come from the 15% block reward allocation. At least 1000 SMART need to stay in that wallet for the whole month for the SmartRewards to be staked. If you remove any, you will lose the staking rewards for that month.

So in a nutshell:


Currently from the SmartCash calculator:


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Smartcash is a great system that is helping out the communuty as well as it pays you just by holding coins in to the wallet and nothing extra work.
Good initiative

Smartcash is a really unique Staking system.

I am just sad I didn't get into it early on as the earlier you get into it the more it will pay out.

i wish everybody that uses smartsteam the best of luck!

Proof of Stake...hmmm not bad.I definitely need to have some of these... :)

wow very excellent post.

fantastic & breathtaking!

This looks like an interesting and profitable long term investment. I will do more research on this smart cash stuff.

I started to investigate the project, the Windows Smartcash client is very slow and seems buggy to only synchronize the blockchain. Even if you try with the bootstrap blockchain file.

The next snapshot will take effect in less than 48 hours. Hurry and reserve your seat for the next airdrop a.k.a SmartRewards.

Heeeyyy.. how can I be more involved???
This is very nicely put ...👍

Good one. Resteemed

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