Smartcash Snaptshot is Coming Up!

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On the 25th of February @SMARTCASH will have its monthly Snapshot. Make sure to have all your SMART in an authorized wallet before then!

You can use this timer from @bitcoiner to make sure you Never miss the Snapshot.

timer bitcoin smartnode smartcahs.jpg

You can download the wallets here:
You can use the web wallet for #Smartrewards, but not for #Smartnodes.


To be eligible for SmartRewards:

  • Your SMART must be in an authorized wallet.
  • Your SMART must stay in the wallet for the entire period the snapshot - from the 25th to the 25th.
  • You must have over 1000 SMART at the same address in the wallet.
  • You can add to your SMART but if you take out any SMART that address won't be counted for rewards and you will have to wait another 2 months again.

SmartCash is available at #CryptoBridge and a few other exchanges, Plus you can vote for Smart on Binance here:


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Σ$$$ Tipped @qurka Σ15 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.210 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $3.15 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit