Joining Team SmartCash and my honest experiences!

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I am officially part of Team SmartCash on Steemit!


I am so excited to not only start my journey here on Steemit, but also to be part of such a wonderful community as the one that SmartCash has. I would like to welcome all the new members of the team too! Welcome @uxair @encryptdcouple @consciousangel7 @rudemudcrab @mindminer @qurka @kozak @christianphoto @lovenfreedom.

Also, I wanted to acknowledge @Hannahlicious for all the awesome help she has given me. Thank you lovely. It is much appreciated. :)

What is SmartCash?

My favourite post about SmartCash is by @msg768 and you can check it out HERE. I do not feel to write more about what SmartCash is, as there are many articles of that nature here on Steemit and I am happy to direct you to them. Rather, in this post I want to outline to you the pros and cons of owning SmartCash and being part of the community and my truthful experiences so far.


Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the pros and cons below.

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear them in the comments below!

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My SmartCash address is: SY4gAoYtM4nvTa4e9vioJZgULtNHJAvKj2


Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons
My Comments/Observations
PRO SmartHive, SmartRewards, VotingThe above article goes into the details about SmartHive, SmartRewards and Voting. I have not yet received SmartRewards, or have not been involved in voting, which is why I can't comment on it too much from my personal experience
PRO Community and Support (Slack, Telegram,Discord)This is a big one for me and I can definitely say that the support I have received from this community has been amazing. I initially joined their telegram group, and then downloaded discord to interact with the community and the devs. I also got in touch with Team SmartCash through Discord and found the people I approached very helpful and friendly. SmartCash also has this tipping system where people can give you tips. I have tried giving tips and I also received them and it is such a nice experience to be part of a community that is just as happy to give as to receive. @nitego wrote a great article about an experience she had recently with whales distributing their Smarts to help people reach their SmartRewards and SmartNodes. Very generous of people, however, even just being tipped 1 Smart or 0.5 is so nice, and it contributes to the feeling of community and interconnectedness.
PRO Speed and SmartnodesSmartCash is very fast and in the beginning of January Masternodes have been introduced. This will allow Instantpay. Also, Smartnodes pay out a very generous amount - 10% of all Smarts mined go to Masternode holders (currently as I write this article there are almost 2400 Smartnodes which would translate into 4000 SmartCash in rewards in the first month!). I am planning on having a more in-depth article about Masternodes in the future. :)
PRO PrivacyThis one is quite self-explanatory, but what is unique to SmartCash is that you can burn your old coins and create new ones (same amount) allowing for complete privacy as the burning process makes it impossible for people to track previous movements of the coins. Awesome, right? :)
CON Issues with exchangesIn the past few weeks there have been some major issues with exchanges. Mainly Cryptopia and HitBTC. Cryptopia froze the accounts of the users and then there were some issues with SmartCash itself, however, throughout the Devs have been very helpful on Discord in keeping everyone updated (as well as Slack). There was some more confusion on the Telegram group, but most information was communicated there in a timely manner too. HitBTC is still not allowing withdrawals or deposits of SmartCash. Having said this, both Cryptopia and HitBTC recently had troubles with withdrawals and deposits of other altcoins too (I have my NEOs stuck in HitBTC for about 2 weeks now), so this is not a strictly SmartCash issue.
CON Artificial inflation of priceDue to the issues on exchanges, the price has been artificially inflated because the exchanges that worked were limited and many people had their Smarts locked into Cryptopia and/or HitBTC.
CON Price uncertaintyDue to the high supply (5 billion max supply - though currently only 635 million in circulation), and the relative low liquidity and 24hr trade volume, SmartCash's price is very sensitive and if larger funds are mismanaged it could lead to a crash in the price. Of course this is true for any altcoin, however, even a relatively small sell - off could cause a huge price drop for SmartCash at this point. However, this is balanced out very well by the SmartNodes and SmartRewards which encourage people to HODL.

Welcome!! Great article:) you really put a lot of time and attention here and it shows! We’re so excited to be on this journey with all of you. SmartCash offers more rewards than any other crypto! Our fav for sure 😃

Hi lovely. Thanks for stopping by <3 :) Yes, it is a great one for sure. :)

You’re welcome! I love the work you put into this 😃

Welcome aboard 😊
Great post too

wow very nice writing about this, we say welcome to the new team members and lastly KEEP HODLING, hodlers are winners, #Teamsmartcash

That was some deep analysis!! Good Job!! xD

I tried. I still have things to learn though - getting there - slowly but surely. :)

One step at a time sis!! You're doing great!! :)

How do you join the community? I own a bunch of SMART but have just been staking it.

Hi @gomatthew :) You can get on discord and speak to the team there. There are Telegram, Slack and Discord threads about SmartCash. Also, if you want to be part of the SmartCash Team you can get in touch with @Hannahlicious :). I hope this helps :)

Welcome to the team again!

Thanks @kasou80! :) Loved the banner you made for January. :)

i love this format! pros and cons approach is great.

Welcome to the community and Thanks for mentioning my name in your welcome list.
Pros and cons are well covered in this post.

Make sure to stick that yellow banner at the end of the post. It's more exciting and fun.

Good Luck

@uxair, yes, that was the plan, but for some reason after doing the table everything I wrote after it appeared before it. I messed around with it for a good 1-2hrs to figure out what the bug was without success, which is why the acknowledgments and thank you's were not in the end. Maybe you can shed some light on why I couldn't write any text after the table. :) Thanks in advance. :)

Oh This is the problem.
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Ah, right. That makes sense then! That is how everyone has been doing it. Haha, I was messing around with it so much trying to figure it out. I tried the two line gap as well as < b >, but nothing seems to have worked. It is weird because I tried a smaller table before and there wasn't any issue, so I wonder why this came up here...

Great job roberta! SmartCash will grow very soon, it will become one of the 10 best.

Yes, I also think it will be big. It is a great project with an awesome community.

Welcome to our team. Glad you are enjoying the community. Thanks for the mention.

Hi @nitego Thank you for your comment. You are very welcome. I really like your content. :)

Yay awesome to have you on the team! Pros and Cons list is definitely an interesting way to set it out :) look forward to seeing more awesome posts from you!!

Thanks Hannah :)

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You can use the following commands:

  • balance - displays your current wallet balance
  • address- displays your deposit address
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  • tip <usernamegt; <amount> - sends the amount of SMART to username
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