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RE: THE FIRST NON-STEEM TIPBOT IS NOW ON STEEM! Would you like a #SmartCash Tip? Simply comment with your favorite thing from this web page and I will give you 50 coins!

in #smartcash4 years ago (edited)

Awesome idea! My favorite part pf ot is that tou just started chsnging the way the whole steem sustem works !!!
really amazing to have the possibility to send a token using just a tipbot on the comments. quite nice

Smarthive is quite interesting too. reminds me of decred somehow. will be interested on see how this will develop.


Tipped @lucasgabd 50 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim.

You can use the following commands:

  • balance - displays your current wallet balance
  • address- displays your deposit address
  • withdraw <address> - withdraws your whole wallet balance to specified address
  • tip <nick> <amount> - sends the specified amount of smartcash to nickname
  • terms - displays terms and conditions for using @smartbot

@smartbot Withdraw SeyUoFBNafuRWt3BN6iMQxu9XnjxxFS1r5

@smartbot withdraw SeyUoFBNafuRWt3BN6iMQxu9XnjxxFS1r5

@lucasgabd: 49.99 SMART has been withdrawn from your account to SeyUoFBNafuRWt3BN6iMQxu9XnjxxFS1r5. You have been charged 0.01 SMART withdrawal fee. Transaction cac70e7765a10fdbfdc72cd6b41d761cff7cf2ce2565725b7226d0c4cd2f3440 is now completed.

Is @smartbot working @decentralizd ? Tried withdraw with no success

Hey mate. Just give it another shot! Try @smartbot withdraw <address>

Thx. It disnt work with the capital letter

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