SMARTNODES: A Quick Chat From The Slopes of Japan

in smartcash •  10 months ago

I'm super excited for SmartNodes! Are you?

Here is the SmartNode User Set Up Guide:

I'm ALSO super excited to be in Japan, and to meet Misachasu from Twitter tomorrow to film a collab with a member of the Japanese SmartCash community!

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keep up the great videos Hannah you are a good ambassador for #SmartCash.

Myself and my son ski the Canadian Rockies all the time. :)


thank you @buildfreedom for your lovely words :) ahh jealous, never skiid in Canada but will have to put it on my bucket list

👍👍👍 enjoy your stay in Japan!

well its more good to see you again after many days and with this snowy hope you enjoy it
and i am very amaized and excited to see that in these the smart cash price increased above 100% and hope it will be up to 2$ in next some days

Enjoy your trip my friend. SmartCash is mooning thanks too SmartNodes.

you are enjoying snow

Although I'm still not ready to set up a node of my own with enough smartcash, but i would love to learn more details about how to set it up!! And good luck for you meet up!!


Good job!

Enjoy your holidays Hannah!! Come back with lots of energy for this year!

Cool. Can't wait for your setup video. I started getting things ready yesterday and its doing my head in. I've never used Ubuntu in my life.

Greetings from Europe Hannah! : )

I'm happy for you. Here's wishing you a happy meeting and enjoyment of the friendship of the Japanese people.

I can tell that you are intelligent by how much you move. Enjoy those powder pillows for the rest of the world.


hahaha, do intelligent people move a lot? maybe not intelligent at all... maybe just awkward :) thank you