How To Send SMARTCASH To An Email Address with @Hannahlicious + WIN 300 SMART

in smartcash •  7 months ago

Ever wanted to send SMART to an e-mail address? Watch my video to see how!

I am excited to send SMART to my friends to give them a nudge to get into crypto!

If you want be in with a chance to win 300 SMART:

1. Go to Youtube to Like my video

2. Resteem this post on Steemit

3. Leave me a comment here on Steemit to let me know they've done those first 2 steps!

I will choose one winner and I will then send them 300 SMART via email so they can try out the feature for themselves!

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When I saw this the first time I was very excited because now you can send #smartcash to people without having to walk them through how a wallet works! This would be great especially in Contest and Conference situations. The best part for me if the fact that the #smartcash not claimed goes back to the original address, it would be great if the tipping bot could have this feature.


yes! I love that it gets returned in 7 days if unclaimed, super handy :)


During the last contest I did one of the winners I tipped said she would not be getting a wallet. :-(
Something to do with her phone, so I know the tip sent was never claimed.


Now that's really special @hannahlicious. Is the contest over to win 300SMART?

Great job Hannah!

Upvoted and resteemed! Thanks!


Heya, your thoughts on Smart? Would love to read what you gotta say!


Smart Cash is an interesting project to me. There's no Core Developer team rather a decentralized Hive with many teams funded through the monthly proposals. They already have webwallets, user names, savings accounts, smart monthly rewards, paid Smart nodes (approx. 12,000 currently). The development is faster than any other coin that I have seen. I posted below the 2018 roadmap. The only major downside at the moment is lack of major exchange listings but if they can get on Binance, Bittrex or one of the majors it will help a lot the liquidity and price. SmartCash-RoadMap-2018-v2.jpg

I can't find the proper link to the YouTube video....please leave the link so I can visit it.
Thank you @hannahlicious.

I can't find the proper link to the YouTube video....please leave the link so I can visit it.
Thank you @hannahlicious.
I have resteem your post I hope to stand a chance to win some smart cash so I can HODL.

This is amazing! Thanks! I followed the steps for the giveaway :)

smart cash with all this features is proving so scalable on every aspect- **"like seriously crypto through the mail" **, who can ever imagine this, for me i think nothing is impossible but this is so much more than just believing - wow i have to see and test this features and see how it works really, and a tip - i think this would be nice if we talk more of this on social network, so every one can see that smartcash project is indeed a smart one.
*my team and i have to throw more lights on this-so ready to tell us more-when we ask 😉

meanwhile testing that feature is most welcome with this email 📧 can't wait 😂😂

This makes so much sense and gives SmartCash another edge over the other cryptos!


You have Σ98.997 SMART (unconfirmed: Σ1001.0000000000001 SMART).


You have Σ1099.997 SMART (unconfirmed: Σ0 SMART).

Great feature! Awesome! This is a great step in crypto! I have done the 2 steps. Fingers crossed! :p

I have done those first two steps and enjoyed watching your video as well, thank you for keeping the smartcash community informed.

Thanks @hannahlicious that is an awesome feature especially that it returns if unclaimed. Brilliant stuff. Liked, resteemed, and upvoted.

Thanks for the walkthrough, Hannah. I’ve been talking up SmartCash to some of my friends and I’m going to tip them via email to give them the nudge they need.

I love that it’s not ‘lost’ if they never get off their arses and claim it too. Just comes back to me after 7 days. Easy!


Edit: I’ve given you a mention in my latest SmartCash blog. Come and have a look?

This is such a sweet new feature. It will help so many people to get a foot into the Smartcash door. Thanks for doing all these tutorial videos. There is way to little available about Smartcash so far and your work clearly sticks out.

Video liked on Youtube and resteemed.



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You have Σ1041 SMART (unconfirmed: Σ0 SMART).

This is a great idea. I wanna give it a try next week with a few friends at my monthly crypto meet up. Finally get them into SMART CASH.
I followed the steps as well for the contest, thx for hosting it.

cool feature they have brought out, done your steps hopefully more people will get into crypto because of this

This is a great step for smartcash. I thought sending to username was great. Send to email is a whole new level. Imagine when both featues are available in our web wallet? This is huge😁

This is a great step for smartcash. I thought sending to username was great. Send to email is a whole new level. Imagine when both featues are available in our web wallet? This is huge😁

I liked your video on youtube with email:, and resteemed your post. I only have 10 SMART in my webwallet. I wish to have more.

Upvoted, resteemed and liked your youtube video. thanks.

Step 1: Liked your video "Send SmartCash To Email", and
Step 2. Resteemed this post.

Hi @hannahlicious! Liked your video on YouTube and resteemed your post. I've also wrote a step-by-step guide on how to send Smart via email! 🙌
Love this new feature!

Shared and Resteemed Liked on youtube, thanks for giving back to the community via #smartcash giveaway

This is amazing! Thanks! I followed the steps for the giveaway

Hey @hannahlicious liked your video and resteemed.
keeping my fingers crossed for some smartcash coming my way ;)

All done hope to win :)

hi @hannahlicious nice video.Voted on video and subscribed
resteemed and upvoted too
done all tasks

@hannahlicious done all steps voted subscribed video
upvoted and resteemed
hope to get some smartcash in the giveaway

I randomly stumbled on this post from someone else’s profile and liked the video and resteemed your post! Can’t say I know much a or Smartcash will look into it a bit later but I’m here for zcash get it zcash? Oh why do I even bother! Tough crowd

Nice!! Sending smart via email will be useful tool to let my friend know about smartcash :)

I don't have a YouTube account because I think it is evil, but I certainly support SmartCash!!! You get my upvote here.

Upvote and Resteem definitely!

I have seen the tool and I love it, because even though I really would not send SmartCash by mail many times, I feel that this is a great tool for the future, it increases the possibilities of doing good things. This really is smart money.

Thank you very much for everything Hanna!

hello @hannahlicious resteemed ,upvoted the post and liked the video on youtube

Felicidades!! Excelente concurso!!

nice video @hannahlicious completed all tasks

hello! @hannahlicious you video got my upvote
you post got my resteem
I am glad to have met you since we are both
in the smartcash team
Not much of a rhyme but I completed all the tasks. Nice video by the way

@hannahlicious completed all tasks resteemed the post
voted on the video. Count me in for the giveaway

upvoted the video and resteemed the post
Completed the reqd. steps. Count me in please

hello hanna @hannahlicious voted for your video on youtube and
resteened this post
Completed both the speps ;)

All done @hannahlicious - more needs to be made of this amazing feature, great Video.

@hannahlicious completed all steps