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Updated guide for the new version of the SmartNodeMonitorBot!

If you have no idea what this is about click HERE


New features

Position calculations

To give a more reliable position indicator for your nodes i digged through the SmartCash core code and re-implemented the position calculation which is used from the miners to determine the winners for the payouts.
There are three ways now to get the positions of your nodes:

  1. By running the node command - This prints you a list of your nodes sorted by the positions.
  2. By running the detail command - This prints the list of your nodes like before but with the positions of the nodes added for each node.
  3. By running the new lookup command - This will run a general checkup for the given IP/IP's when you fire the command. See the section below.

At the time of writing there is still a problem in the node network (not all paid blocks are populated to the nodelist) which can sometimes end up in slightly wrong calculations but from my testing/logging it looked pretty good in the most cases. This should become better over the time when more pools are updated to the 1.1.1 wallet and should be much more accurate once the 1.2 release fixed all the current issues!

Click here to check out the position calculations. If you have any concerns about its propriety let me know!

Upgrade mode calculation

When there is a protocol upgrade needed for the network all nodes need to be restarted after the wallet update. This means their uptime will also become resetted and according to this none of them would be eligible for payouts. But due to the upgrade mode state in the network which is hard coded in the SmartCash core nodes with an too low uptime are not penalized when all nodes had to restart at any point (Meaning of the upgrade mode). At the time of writing we were in the upgrade state of the network. The bot will from now on recognize if we are in upgrade or normal mode, print information about it in the info command and also incorporate it for the position calculations.

Click here to check out the remaining upgrade mode time calculation. Also here: If you have any concerns about its propriety let me know!

Improved network info command

The info command contains now lot more information about the SmartNode network. Check it out :D (Its also available in telegram but the message there was too long to fit on a screenshot :P)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-09 um 20.26.39.png

Individual node lookup

With the new lookup command you can check if a nodes payout requirements are met. To do this just fire the command with the ip or multiple ips as argument.

lookup ip1 ip2 ... ipN


Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-09 um 18.11.59.pngBildschirmfoto 2018-03-09 um 20.24.50.png

Edit multiple nodes in with one line

From now on you can now use the editcommand in the same way like the add command to edit multiple nodes in a row.

edit ip1;newName1 ip2;newName2 ... ipN;newNameN



Remove multiple/all nodes with one command

From now on you can also remove multiple nodes in a row with

remove ip1 ip2 ... ipN

or just all with

remove all

[Discord only] Fuzzy command matching

Discord users can now use shortened commands. Also if you have small misspellings in your sent commands the bot will match them to the most similar command. I cannot tell you exactly where the boundaries are but you can just play around a bit to figure out your preferred abbreviations :D


  • To run the detail command you can just use det now
  • To run the balance command it even enough to send b or bal
  • To run the node command no should do it
  • A misspellings like deail will be matched to detail command
  • A misspellings like blane will be matched to the balance command

Beer, coffee and further development

If you enjoy the bot and its new features and you are feeling the urge to tip me...go ahead :D

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Thanks for the great work!

Thanks man! I will keep up the work ;)

Thanks @dustinface. I use both the telegram and discord bots and they are most dependable monitors. There has been two occasions it told me there was a node reward which I could even see on explorer! the bot was right both times.

Great to hear! Thanks for nice words! Enjoy it! :D

hey admin. How do i get on the discord channel i cant seem to verify my Identity it says i am rated limited. what do i do?

You are rate limited for the SmartCash discord? Honestly now idea how this can happen lol. Do you try to do SMS verification?!

Very nice! This is what makes Smart Cash a top project, THE COMMUNITY!

I am just getting into all these cool Smartcash features. So cool to have a bot like this to monitor the nodes. it's incredible how fast SmartCash has developed. the combo with Steem works really well.

Thanks for your work!

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Love your work! You make running smartnodes fun!

Thanks so much :D Really nice to hear! And thanks for the tip :)

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Thanks.... this is very helpful

Your welcome man! Good to hear!

Σ$$$ Tipped @dustinface Σ15 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.193 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $2.90 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit https://smartcash.cc.

Thank you man! I really appreciate it :)

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