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RE: My SmartNodes Update - 60 days

in #smartcash4 years ago

This is an interesting topic to me. Earning passive income from crypto is an amazing benefit to this setup and something I’m interested in doing. What would you say has been your number 1 resource for getting started? Thanks for the post!


@brettcalloway thank you for read ing my post and for taking time to comment on it. I really do appreciate to comments on my post. To your question my main resource has been the #smartcash discord community for all things smartcash there are loads of helpful people and the channels are organized in such a way you can focus on area of interest. There are alway moderators online, so help is never far away.
If you like to read like me then the following would be a great alternative to speaking with people if you are not so inclined.

Thank you for the info! Much appreciated!

You are welcome. I am on discord with the same name (@nitego) feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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