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Illustration: "The collapse of the known"

Hello world!

This illustration is an analogy of real life, taking as reference what is perceived within my country Venezuela. This publication has no political tilde, much less intends to offend anyone.

Are you sure you're wondering where the concept came from?

The collapse of the known originated to encompass 2 key concepts "The fall of an empire " and "The death of a society ", in both cases the product of a pollution in the nation, from the social, cultural and intellectual point of view of each person who lives in She.

Since I was a little boy who was engaged in not doing more than having fun, I thought that when I was older I would continue to see life as up to that point, then growing up I saw that world (my country) that I thought was so beautiful and beautiful little by little it was crumbling (It was still beautiful, but the people who make society became toxic) and this made the way to see that nation become different. Today nothing is the same, and even, 1 minute ago, 1 hour, 1 day, it was different my way of seeing things.

The illustration shows how the representation of what is contaminated is in the foundations of what has been built little by little, but still stands to see that despite how difficult the panorama, you can always overcome adversity and not The whole society is infected, there will always be those who want to maintain this spirit of entrepreneurship, work and perhaps have dreams and goals to fulfill similar to the one I had as a child, it is always good to have dreamy spirit, you can achieve great things to from a dream.

And what is next?

Let's talk about the process!

1-The first thing is to make schemas of proportion and then delimit the shape of the structure of the illustration.

2-We continue to carry out each of the different forms of the castle until it is completely finished.

3-Once you have done the two previous steps, you will only have to continue detailing and continuing the shape of the drawing.

4-having the phase to the pen ready, with the help of a marker (any maraca) outline all that line you did earlier, you can start where you like. When the outline is finished with a draft, it removes the lines that are with graphite.

5-once delineated the whole drawing with the marker, it proceeds to fill the darker areas and detail with short strokes the figures to give shade and texture to them.

6-to culminate and not less important, with the help of a pencil (preferably from the range of B) helps to give more depth to the illustration, helping to make the shading more degraded.

Remember that a country/nation does not make the amount of constructions in it, not even any politics, religion or even the economy, the country is the reflection of each of the people who inhabit.

A huge greeting and a big hug.


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