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Final illustration.

Hello world!

My warmest greetings to each one of you, I hope are very well. This illustration material represented a hard work of detail, I wanted to show you a little more of what you do, I hope you like.

What is the meaning of the illustration?

For many cultures worldwide the skull represents respect for the ancestors, because this is the way each body gets decomposing, you are of the culture you are, have money or not, be cute or ugly, we all have that inner form in our body.
The skull not only represents death or some negative feeling, do not be afraid, it is also the sign that someone lived and now is no longer with us but still in your heart. This sense of change and the rebirth of a new person is also a symbol of power and strength that each person possesses on life and death, learning from mistakes that will make you change course and be reborn in a new life.
The feathers harmonize at the aesthetic level and complement the concept representing freedom because the feathers are from the birds and these are free, other meanings are beauty, elegance and of course the ancestral indigenous culture, they are our Predecessors.

What is the skull?

Also called Bone Head, is the name given to the set of bones that compose the skeleton of the head, formed by the bones of the face and skull, when it is stripped of flesh and skin. The word, as such, comes from the Latin calvados, which means ' skull '.


Let's talk about the process!

1- The first thing is to have a pencil, a paper and the desire to create, then you have these materials proceed to make the contour of the skull as seen in the image.

2- We detail the parts that will be the shadows and performing the plumage, each of the feathers you can make them to free will, remember to detail with the pencil as much as possible to obtain a better result.

3- Once you have done the previous step and made all the feathers, you will get this result.

4- You've finished the details in pencil, let's try the marker. With a fine black marker, review every line you've already made in pencil.

5- When you finish going through the graphite lines, with a draft, proceed to erase all those pencil marks.

6- We select interspersed feathers to make them different and give a touch of hierarchy at the compositional level, you can make fringes and use the patterns that you prefer, the idea is that they differ from the others.

7- The selected feathers give you depth with the help of the black marker, makes short strokes at the base of the feathers, the base of the Crown is made of half circle patterns and is rrellenan black to give better visualization and frame the skull , once you have done the previous steps, with the same pencil that you used before, give it touches in the whole illustration, in addition to generating better depth will help you to look more real.

Remember that you do not have to like the skulls, but surely you have a person who now only remember because it meant something very important in your life, so you have to have respect for our ancestors.

A huge greeting and a big hug.


Magnifica ilustraciòn!!! sigue así... que tal si hace unos dibujos con motivos admirador de ellos y estoy seguro que con tu estilo quedaran muy muy bien.

Hey, saludos mi estimado, parece una propuesta muy interesante, veremos que puede salir de eso!

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Great work! It's seem that you are creative person so I invite you to Quotizm art challenge. I believe that will be interesting for you! :)

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