Recycled Jeans Bracelets Step by Step

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Hello my beloved community of steemit, today I come to show you how to make beautiful bracelets with the waistband of some jeans that you have at home and no longer use, here I present two models, I hope you like it, be of profit, let your imagination and dare to create them according to their tastes and style.


•Jeans waistband
•Elastic tape

•We are going to trim the waistband of the trousers, with the measurement of twenty centimeters approximately

•We put two loops, these I took from a lighter colored jeans, we sew them at a distance of seven centimeters from the right and left ends and five centimeters in the center.

•Let's decorate, according to your tastes you can do it as you prefer, for this model, I placed a round piece in the center and around leaves that give the appearance of a flower.

Here we can observe the completed ornament

It only remains to place the elastic band

•In this opportunity we will place four loops, at a distance of approximately two centimeters between each.

•We are going to sew colored nuggets in the upper and lower part and in the center a round piece, I want to note that these pepes are from a bracelet that broke, my recommendation that every time an accessory is damaged keep their parts as they they can give utility at any opportunity.

Here we can see the finished model 2 ornament

Here the final result

I hope you like it

Thanks for reading comment and vote


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Thank you very much for the support NeedleWorkMonday


It’s such a pleasure ~ 😊

Lovely! What a great idea - though I hate to sew jeans that might be something to consider :)


I'm glad you like it, thank you very much, it's not difficult to make the bracelet is very simple.

nice idea to make a bracelet, only the sewing part.... sigh, I do not really enjoy sewing by hand :-D
Nevertheless thank you for sharing this beautiful idea


Thank you very much, you can also decorate it by gluing the ornaments with a glue that can be used for fabric, greetings

Love these! I bet my kids would love putting something like this together with my leftover jean scraps!!


I'm glad you like it, I hope you can take advantage of the post

Que original, me encanto esa idea, y es super facil. Esta es una muy buena publicación


Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, saludos