Introducing @needleworkmonday: Sharing Our Passion for the Needle Arts While Inspiring Others on Steemit!

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What is NeedleWorkMonday?

#NeedleWorkMonday has been the go to tag for the needle arts for the past year on Steemit. It was founded in July of 2017 by @crosheille. She was later joined by @crystalize who took on the role as Co-Chair helping her to invite other needleworkers, organize and fund community projects, contests and giveaways as well as with curation. It started as a tag to help needleworkers find one another and share their work together on the Steemit platform. More and more needleworkers began using the tag which led to a community being born of over 40 active members that enjoy sharing their work every week. Today we introduce to you our new communal account: @needleworkmonday


Any handicraft that involves a needle is welcome. These crafts include but are not limited to:

Needle Felting
String Art
Needle Lace
Ribbon Work
Tatting Work
Textile Arts and Crafts
Crewel Work
Costume Artists


Every Monday we get together and share our creations, patterns, tips, ideas, tutorials and shortcuts. We strive to support, inspire and motivate one another. If you read through the comment section on #NeedleWorkMonday posts you will see tons of encouraging remarks. Many have said #NeedleWorkMonday is the reason they decided to stay on this plattform because it made them feel at home by meeting people with like passions and interests.

Our Goal

We know that needlework is not the most popular category on this plattform but we are determined to change that. We want to fill up the Steemit blockchain with beautiful handiwork and inspire more Steemians to give this form of art a try. We are here to promote all forms of needle art!

What You Can Expect

We encourage needleworkers to share the process of their work with pictures to allow you to see how a project comes to life. When you see a project you may not know how much work was involved or all of the steps it took to complete it. Some handmade creations take hours, days and even weeks to complete. There is a lot of planning, frogging (taking stitches out and starting over), practicing, rough drafting and trial and error going on while creating these types of arts.

When you view a post with the #NeedleWorkMonday tag you can expect to see how some of the projects were created. Not only do we spend a lot of time on our projects but we take the time to make fun, quality and informative posts that displays our work.

Community Projects & Challenges


As of today we have completed two community projects. The first project was ‘Project NICCU Warmth’ where needleworkers crocheted, knitted or sewed preemie hats to donate to a NICCU near them. The second was ’Project Warm A Soul’ where the needleworkers used their skills to make scarves and placed them outside in the public for someone in need of warmth to grab.

We believe it’s important to use our skills and talents to give back to our community and to individuals in need. We plan to do more community projects where we challenge needleworkers to use their specific specialties to enrich the lives of others.

Contests & Giveaways

We love hosting contests! These are a great way to reward our members for their hard work. It takes great effort to create these handicrafts let alone taking the time to post about them. Members will be paid SBD rewards when they place in our contests.

We will randomly do ”just because” SBD giveaways. When you show others you appreciate their contributions it encourages them to continue contributing and doing what they love to do. We want to encourage the needlework community to keep posting their original quality work to share with the Steemit world!

Curation & Resteems

Needlework posts will be curated using this account. Several posts will be Resteemed on Monday to give them more visibility on the plattform and to showcase what our members are creating with their hands. The main focus of curation will be for the needlework arts!

How To Join

If you are someone that does any of the needle arts listed above we’d love to have you join us. Please use the #NeedleWorkMonday tag when posting about your work so we can find you. Also give us a follow so you won’t miss out on any upcoming projects, contests or announcements.

You’ll find all levels of skill from beginner to professional so we are always learning from each other and growing together. Many valuable friendships have emerged from this group and we hope you too will find some great like minded people to connect with.

Here are a few guidelines when posting using the tag:

When using the #needleworkmonday tag your post MUST be needlework related. This includes writing or sharing about any type of art involving a needle.

Your post must include your original handmade work and not have any plagiarism or filled with copy and paste content.

If you do use sources as part of your post (pictures, content from other sites etc.) they must be cited correctly.

Your posts need to be posted on Monday’s (according to your time zone). Posts that are uploaded all throughout the week using the tag will not be Resteemed.

Feel free to copy and paste the logo to use it at the end of your needlework posts.

How To Support

  1. Follow and Upvote @NeedleWorkMonday
  2. Use the tag #needleworkmonday when sharing your needlework posts
  3. Spread the word about us to anyone you know that may be interested


If you are an investor or looking for projects to delegate SP to, please consider @NeedleWorkMonday! We are passionate about keeping the needle arts alive and inspiring others to dive into this world of handmade creations. All earnings from @NeedleWorkMonday will go back to needlework content creators.

If you ever needed a button sewn back on a favorite shirt or ever snagged a thread on your go to sweater you’d understand the importance of basic needle and thread knowledge. Statistics shows that 60% of people do not know how to sew on a button which is a basic sewing skill. Together we can inspire this upcoming generation to pivot their interests into learning some handy skills that will be useful to them in their everyday lives.


Special shoutout to

@coinbelly for the creation
of our logo and
cover photo!
Thank you~


Thank you for taking the time to learn about who we are. We hope our work inspires you!


All photos included in this introduction are from #NeedleWorkMonday posts!



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Welcome to Steem Community @needleworkmonday! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Thank you!

I have been expecting you, @needleworkmonday
All good wishes for a long and successful trajectory.


Thank you! It’s great to finally be here. Here’s to a Wonderful journey ahead! 😊

Hello, I've been looking forward to meeting you. I think we'll have a wonderful time together with all those other steemians that do needlework :)


Hello @muscara! I’d have to agree! Thank you for the warm welcome. 😊

So very excited that you are here, @needleworkmonday! Cannot wait to see the information and great posts that you share. 😁


I’m so glad you are excited as I!! 😃

Thank you!

Hello @needleworkmonday!! So happy to meet you!! 😘


Hello and thank you!! It’s great to be here! ❤️

yey! welcome @needleworkmonday! so happy to see u! c",)


Thank you!!! It’s so exciting to be here!! 😃

Yes! Let’s inspire the next generation to learn basic needlework tasks!

I’m so happy to see this account getting started. May You have many te-steems and upvotes!


Yes Absolutely! We are here to inspire!!!

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement! ❤️

Hurrah Hurrah!!!!!!! successful swimming !!!!!! :)


Whooo!!! Hooo!!! 😃👋🏽

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Thank you in advance!

Hello @needleworkmonday, so pleased to see you. Here's to an exciting future ahead 😊


Hey there @shanibeer and thank you! an exciting future ahead! 🎉

Happy Happy Joy Joy! You did it @crosheille - ahem - I mean @needleworkmonday This is so great: an account which will be home to all the beautiful crafters, the colorful yarn and flowery fabrics. Thank you for setting this up and thank you for all the caring <3 <3


😄 Yes this home to all of the needleworkers!! @needleworkmonday is here and ready to have some Fun!! 🎉

Absolutely!! 👌🏽 😉

Yeah! Congratulations :) Resteemd!


Thank you!!!!

Congratulations and supporting you from the #steemitmamas!!!! 💖


Thank you so much for your support~ 😊

Hi!!! I have discovered that the meaning of my life is to make art. And share it with the whole world. Take it to each corner of the planet, and on the way to bring something positive to each person who crosses my path.
Through this platform you can help me carry it out, with just one click in my posts.
What is your mission in life? I can also collaborate with you. Check my posts, and comment wich is your goal in this life, i promise ill help you in all your post.

Oh this is such a great idea. I'm new here and I'm curious and excited about this site :) .


I am glad you are here!! I hope you enjoy all of the wonderful posts from the needleworkers that I’ll be sharing! We’d love for you to join us! Thanks for your support~

Welcome to Steemit officially! I am glad for this wondrous breakthrough, now we have a brand and a face, kudos @crosheille!!


Thank you!! It’s great to be here! 😊

Yay! Thanks to the resteem by @mntmeadowmomma I'm finding this official #needleworkmonday post. And as you know this last week was my first. Seems like a lovely group of ladies


I’m glad you found it!! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to supporting more of your work!

We really do have a wonderful group! We actually have a couple of men that posts their work too. 😉


Really! Wow that's amazing. Be interested to see what inspires them

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At last here you are My favorite monday tag. I upvoted and going to resteem. Good luck and a tip for All the members STEEMIFY APP its by friends off My and really handy to follow Whats happening in a account like this one
Love from Holland


Yay I’m so glad to hear it’s your favorite Monday tag! Thanks so much for the support!


Yes it is, so Working on a blog and posting it from My holiday in Portugal

Saludos! acabo de conocerlos, y me encanta el trabajo que están haciendo en apoyo a todos los amantes del arte manual, no tengo dominio de idioma ingles y solo he hecho publicaciones de mis trabajos en español, asi como varios tutoriales. Le deseo muchos exitos! y espero me poder comenzar a publicar los lunes con su etiqueta. Acá esta uno de mis mas recientes trabajos para que me conozcan :)


Hola @irenenavarroart! Gracias por compartir ese enlace. Tu costura es muy hermosa. Nos encantaría que compartieras con nosotros. La mayoría de nuestros miembros hablan inglés, pero también tenemos algunos trabajadores de costura que hablan español. Por lo general, traducen su publicación al inglés. ¿Es esa una posibilidad para ti de hacer ambas cosas? Puedes hacer un párrafo en español y luego traducirlo al inglés para que podamos conectarnos mejor contigo :) Me encanta que hayas compartido el proceso de tu trabajo porque recomendamos que todos lo hagan. ¡Espero verte el lunes!