💖 🎨 Thank you @reinhard-schmid :)))I made it!

in slothicorn •  6 months ago

If you are not familiar with work of artist @reinhard-schmid I belive here on Steemit there are not many who are not
hope you seen his new animated works

Moment I saw it, it was like, I want to have that toy, I want to play. And found free app and with @reinhard-schmid help and tips managed to make this new look for watercolor work -Here comes the night-.
Still there are some small issues I will hope to overcome, like those dots appeared on gif, but it's first one 🤪

It's amazing watching those colors melting, like when I am making watercolor himself.
I am happy as a kid who got his favorite candy :))


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Oh yea, only about a week ago followed him, why i did not knew earlier

Beautifully animated, @jungwatercolor ! The watercolours seem to be alive and moving so nicely * ___ *


Yes @veryspider, that's what made me happy to see too, that color movements, like watercolor is a live :)

The way you chose the direction of the motion is perfect. What's going on in her head? Is her mind having peaceful thoughts while her heart is burning with passion? Or is she just allowing her thoughts to move around and be free because she knows her foundation is strong?


Wow, it is so interesting reading what you see and how you felt this one @hiddenblade :) Not sure how she lives in my head correctly, I had in mind political and social issues in my country while working on her. We are facing almost open dictator regime supported from EU and our personal liberties are being threatened for a years now. I had that feeling in me, like the night is coming and she is thinking how to change that.


I can see that on your work now. :D Thanks for sharing! :D

A new dimension to your excellent work, @jungwatercolor :)

Једва чекам да видим будуће радове :)


Hvala, hvala @lighteye, bice ih sigurno, vec mi se jedan mota po glavi. Ako stignem eto ga danas :)

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Very Jungian. Reaching up to heaven. Reaching down to hell.

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Oh I love it! Particularly the hair!! Beautiful colors to... Its great how the movement contradicts the sort of indifferent gaze 🤩


Thank you again for sharing, I am having great time playing with my watercolors these days @reinhard-schmid :)))

Now I am in love with it too:D it is like third time I return to this post:D


Hahaha, thank you so much @edgarsart, it's nice to hear that :)

Good work


I want in! I asked what ap he used but just haven't had the time yet. I'm putting it on my 'to try' list for the coming week. It's so mesmerizing!

Wow! I did see @reinhard-schmid just last weak posting a very interesting gif of this style!

I like how the red and blue juxtapose color and direction, her face is very neutral, I'm not sure how she is feeling about this!

Pretty animation.
I like watching it moving forever <333.


Same here, so egoistic of me hahaha, thank you @scrawly :)

This is so rad!! What app did you use?


I used this one, but still confused about it, you should look one of them is free.
And than after export of it I was given this gif maker for final result
Still, I am person of 46 who hasn't great knowledge in all modern technology staff :) I believe you will be faster in figuring out things than I was @la-fumettista :)

Oh wow....that´s fascinating...I think, I have to watch this forever..lol.
Beautiful! 💗


Hahaha, my boyfriend and me did that last night, while we were cooling off the day we let it go on screen..Like watching fishes in a aquarium @maysi-art :)


Lol...Imagine that right now.. 🐬 🐠 😄

oh so beautiful , how did you make that gif? is there special app or program ?
its like colors are dancing , i would like to learn it too


It's something called Plotagrapx, you can find it as a free app for animation and than convert it to giff :)
Yes, colors are dancing and melting, it's awesome.


thank you so much dear @jungwatercolor , will try it , li'll let you know if i can do it too :D :)

predobro izgleda svaka cast, ma sama slika ne samo gif, ali gif je odlicna ideja, probaj ubacit ovo na italent iducu rundu :) zajedno sa cilin proceson, koji si app koristila?


Uf za ceo proces je komplikovano, em ne znam kako to da snimim :) em ni sama jos nisam savladala sve. Skinula neki Plutarh free app za animaciju pa onda idem konvert video to gif opet neki free online app @ivan.atman.
Ali vredi pokusati svakako :)


Super ideja, probam i ja se igrat oko toga, glavno da skines render opciju dobro tako da ne blokaje usporeno gif, ovo ostalo je lako :)


Hahaha, sta mi naprica, ma ja sam totalni pocetnik u svemu pa sta pokupim i izvalim sama to napravim. Evo ti linkovi https://plotaverse.com/#!/?tab=loops&search-category=trending&profile=Portfolios&preview=Comments
jedna od opcija se ne placa, videces kad se ulogujes. Kad napravis animu ides na my export i kad zavrsi samo download. Onda upload u gif program https://ezgif.com/ i to bi bilo to :)
Nadam se da sam iole bila koncizna :)


Ah super, hvala ti na linku, čekiram jer me bas zanimalo ovako nesto :)

Samo savjet inace u vezi gif-a, smanji sliku na nekih 600x400px prije nego napraviš animaciju, tako da ti je gif manje velicine (tako ce glađe ić) isto tako kada završiš eksport, na ezgif.com uzmi najveci frame rate, te napravi malu kompresiju na gifu, cilj je da ti dođe na nekih max 700kb, ovaj gore ti je 2mb pa malo blokaje

Damn god, this is so fucking great. Every time i see your paintings i fell in love and i say "i need this artwork for my album" So much beautiful blue, the face is beautiful, everything is beautiful. AMAZING, like always.


Hahaha, thank you @aidarojaswriter :) Maybe we could come up with some cooperation :) I love music so, it would honor to be at some cover.