🎨 Unique technique - abstract painting - "Composition 18-359" - watch details

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Specially manipulated acrylic colors, raw pigments, sprays and oil on canvas, 60x50x2cm, 2019.

These paintings reqires a special way of concentration, it is a meditative process and work with harmony and synchronicity. In my case it is also based on observation of events in parallel realities.

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Hats off to you, man. There's so much creativity and depth in it that I can't take my eyes off. The more I see, the more I get invited to see more. It's like a galaxy in itself.

Also, Can you please tell me what technique do you use to get in touch with the parallel lives? Because, now, the concept of parallel realities have got even more interesting for me.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of art and have a great day! :)


Hello, thank you for comment. Sorry for my late answer, with 3 children it is difficult.
About parallel lives. In general, it is something that is living with me from my childhood and makes my life difficult. It is something like some another sense. I could see events as shapes and colors. I mean that the same thing or event which can see in our reality we can see in other realities with diferent forms. Than we could to recognize them better.
Sure that exist some things which help to open some new senses, as some mashrooms and flowers or holotropic breathing which invented our czech doctor Stanislav Grof now living in USA. Try to find some books from him..... Wish you the best!


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I've never heard about holotropic breathing. Looks like an interesting thing, though. I'll definitely find about stanislav's books. Thank you.


Really do. Dr. Grof is amazing person. He did many controlled experiments with LSD in Prague as psychiatric in the 60´s. After prohibiting use of LSD he developed controlled holotropic breathing with the same effect as LSD but without any chemicals. Have a nice journey to other realities:) Sure you can also find some centers where you can go through controlled holotropic experience. It is dangerous to do it alone, because few hours you will be absolutely elsewhere and who will watch over your body?:) Certainly it will totally change your life in good.

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I hope I'm not the only one who sees deformed penises. Do not be offended, but I think that's what abstract art is about. fascinating You did a good job


Freud could tell you why you see penises:):) In good. Thank you for comment.

OMG.... Such a lovely art work. Personally, I love the theory of abstraction in the sense that, one of tries to create into existence what is not there. It makes one think beyond the box to create an idea beyond understanding.
You on the other hand, you are really amazing. I love your art works and wishes to see more you in the days ahead


Thank you very much for this comment. You are right. The amazing person - pioneer of abstract art Frantisek Kupka (find him) made really very beautiful words... His abstracts are like realism of something in other realities.


Of cos.... Abstraction tells a whole lot. You are humbly welcome though

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Something I love about your art is how you make colors come together and blend together so beautifully, the look so beautiful draws one's attention in, and makes one easily get lost in your colorful world....

I also love how you pay attention to details in your artwork, it is abstract yet meditative. You are quite intentional and focused when it comes to making art, and this is not short of all that.

This is just amazing!!


Thank you very much for your upliting comment. Wish you the best.

Like your art. 👍👏 Nice usage of media and abstraction. Nice images.

It felt like Pollock making some marbling art.

Trying to define my senses please don’t take my last comment as irritating. 👍👏✌️

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It is ok. I am glad for any comment. Interesting for me to read how people react. Thank you very much! Wish you the best.

Fascinating. I like the pallete, the mirror-like effect.
It has a certain aqueous, choreographic feeling.


Thank you very much!