Intro post to Slothicorn, my journey into art and all things creative

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Hello everybody and a especial Hi to the Slothicornians out there,

I'm @creativista, a graphic designer, aspiring letterer, experimental jeweller and illustrator.

For those of you who haven't read my intro post, you must know that I joined Steemit to pursue a long-life dream of building two skills: lettering and digital illustration. This platform has given me the chance to display unabashedly my progress in these two areas only to find an incredibly supportive community. Thank you btw!

On that note, I'm really grateful to Steem-based platforms because they have allowed me to meet kindred spirits, loyal fans and a great community of followers that I'm more than happy to serve, follow and learn from.

My journey as a creator

I love making stuff and anything visual or artistic. As a child, I used to make cakes and sweets without recipes. I built a shed in the backyard of my mom's house that went through at least half a dozen iterations. Before that, I also wanted to be a ballet dancer and a pianist. Let's say I've experimented with a lot of arts and crafts and I know for sure that I'm a maker at heart.

As a teen, I did embroidered cross-stitching and tried modern dancing. I wanted to become a ceramist in my late twenties. Most of these skills became unnoticed because I never documented them or stuck with them long enough, for others I do have a few pics:

  • At one point I perfected the art of hand-bound notebooks


  • I enjoyed papercraft and incorporated it into my designs:


  • I even developed a laser-cut jewellery line in these past few years


  • I finally found the guts to publish my first lettering projects publicly to hold myself accountable


See process at:

  • I've also made some progress in digital illustration, especially with my latest entry for @sndbox:


See process at:

Why I want to join the Slothicorn community?

I've dedicated my life to a design education since my 20's, but my life has been intertwined with art, crafts and making since forever.

I would be thrilled to use my creative skills to promote cryptocurrencies in unique ways and contribute to this community filled with talented artists.

I can add a lot of value to the community because I have many skills that can be mixed and matched to create new takes on the subject.

Truth is, I'm a devoted creator and a life-long learning artist.

Sometimes I feel like I won't live long enough to learn all I want: shoemaking, basketry, dressmaking, creative programming, javascript-ing...just off the top of my head. Until then, I would be thrilled to be accepted in this community of artists fighting to promote a new and decentralized world.

Thanks for reading and sticking around. This last week I've had huge problems with severe blackouts and very scarce Internet service in my state, but I'm committed to getting back on track with weekly, and ideally daily posts. Stay tuned for more.

Have a great night, day or afternoon!

PS: If I need to add process to other works I'm more than happy to do so, just let me know.

If you want to know when I post follow me on:


For the occasional pic of my work, life and creations follow me on:

Instagram: or


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Hello! I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for the great post! ARTzone is now following you! ALWAYs follow @artzone and the artzone tag, and support our artists!

Awesome post @creativista I am sure you have a lot of experience in the field of design and craft. It is clear from the samples of your work. I'm happy to follow you and be sure to learn a lot from your posts.

I really like the samples of the jewelry work you make, it is very unique and distinctive. Do you have any jewelry with crypto theme? That would be really cool.

That's a great idea @karmachela! My experimental jewellery is on pause atm, but that's some food for thought. Let me see what I can come up with. Exciting stuff! Thank you for the kind comment.

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It was a pleasure to read about your artistic endeavours, surely Slothicorn will benefit from having you! Such a creative mind and versatile skillset! I would love to find out more about your particular artistic projects... This paper art and jewellery is simply mind-blowing!!! And I totally get you with all the projects yet to come, e.g. I would love to get into programming myself. I'm optimistic, there's time for everyting and I believe that we both will be able to pursue all our ideas and projects.

Thank you Klaudia @shinyforest. I can tell you are such a kind soul for those words. I have done a lot of stuff and it's always been a problem choosing just one thing to do. I feel like creative minds are like that, wandering around looking for something new all the time (or maybe it's just me he). I was going to make an Etsy jewellery store (like yourself) at one point, but technically it all went haywire. I might make a tutorial post on laser-cut jewellery or simple tell the story of how I got into it and why it's on standby. Hopefully I can get my hands on a laser cutter of my own at one point. That is one of my dreams :) There is certainly enough time for a lot of things, but people often tell me to focus on 1 only. Does that happen to you? Warmly, Ana

You have been upvoted by @slothicorn. Thanks for your contribution. Very nice to have you in our community. Thank you!

Awesome! Thank you for your support :)