The coffee - Daily Drawing Challenge #5

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Very good greetings to all my friends and followers of steemit!!

Today I participate in this contest called "Daily Drawing Challenge # 5" with the theme "Coffee" organized by @cookiespooky. Some time ago I participated in a contest organized by the same titled "Drawing Challenge # 2 - Serious / angry face", but now I have very good expectations for this new contest ;).

I left a bit of the usual (B&W) and decided to add color to life... and coffee xd.


Theme: Coffee | Materials used: Pencil 3B and 3H, colors pink, orange, skin color, light green, dark green, yellow and blue.

Step to step process:

I did the first part of the sketch with the pencil 3H.

I started making the cup, then the hand and the smoke coming out of the coffee, a lens and a tail.


Basic sketch finished (3H pencil).

Then I made the other lens, the rest of the hair, the eyebrow and the body.


In this step I took the pink color and began to paint the hair.


I finished painting the hair and highlighted the lines so that it could be appreciated a little more.


In this step with the skin color I proceeded to paint the body, and in the next step the hand.


Said earlier, in this step I finished painting the hand


You almost stepped on the finish... here I marked the eyebrows with the 3B pencil and the smoke with the orange color.


In this last step we colored the body working the two green ones (light and dark). With pencil 3B make a blurred background and with it make the final details that give life to the work.


AND READY! Already done.

Thank you for giving me a little of your valuable time watching my publication. I hope you have enjoyed my artwork, it is one of the few that I do in color, soon more colorful content will be coming ;)! If you liked my post, your opinion, comment or valuable vote, I would be very grateful for my part ♥.

  • Greetings from Venezuela

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the painting is excellent . thanks

Thanks to you for the opinion! More colorful content is coming☻

Good work!! ☻

Thak you mom! ♥

Woow!! Excellent!! ;)

Thank you!! we xd

Muy bueno tu trabajo, me gustó!

Gracias!! Siempre hecho con el corazón

Hello! I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for the great post! ARTzone is now following you! ALWAYs follow @artzone and the artzone tag, and support our artists!

Always very grateful with your support @artzone. More colorful content is coming

Wow! I really love your style. This drawing is just perfect! I feel like I struggle to get that 'natural' almost casual feel when I draw. I can never stop picking at it, but this is so RIGHT. I love the colors you used as well. I am in awe.

WOW !! But what an excellent point of view you have a friend, I appreciate your comment very much. Thank you for your opinion, soon I will make more color drawings, follow me and do not miss it ;)

Wow! I'm beautiful! I am also participating I invite you to go through my Post

Thank you!! Good luck, mate, I've already happened

muy buena obra me gusto el paso a paso, saludos.

Muchas gracias compañero!!

love this! spot on

Thank youu!!