Daily Drawing Challenge #5 / Get 50% of rewards for this post

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Daily Drawing Challenge is back!

After almost a month of fooling around, I finally decided to get back to it and I am pleased to invite you to participate in the next challenge! Please note that the rules have been changed!


We start our new day with coffee, at least most of us, right? So let’s start this new round with a cup of coffee too! To make a long story short, I suggest you to draw a person with a cup of morning coffee or a cup of whatever you drink in the morning to wake up. Both traditional and digital art is accepted.

The winner takes it all

I am giving away half of the payout for this post no matter how much this post earns to only one person whose work I choose.

All submitted entries will be featured in my future posts.


– the picture is drawn by you and you are publishing it for the first time specially for this challenge;

– use the tag “cookiedrawing” (not necessarily first);

– upvote this post;

– resteem this post;

– post your entry in the comment section to this post (I will not take into consideration entries that are not posted in the comment section);

– entries are accepted till 4 p.m. UTC (11 p.m. EST), April, 11.

Ready? Set. Go!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Here's my entry (not every cup of coffee ends up as coffee :) good luck):
morning coffee-2.jpg

Hola Amigos de Steemit!
Esta es mi presentación, Espero que les guste!

Hello! I drew a picture for you! :D Here is my entry!!



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@cookiespooky thank you for doing the contest! Can't wait for more :D Here's my post:




i hope you like it, the steps by step of this art work is not posted yet, dew to my internet weak connection, but in a few minutes i gonna posted i, i hope you like my entry have a.nice day.and good luck to all participants.

Great job! But the submission phase had finished by the time you posted your entry unfortunately:( See you in the next challenge!

Hello here my post, I hope you like them.



Hello dear, it is a pleasure to bring you my participation in this contest, with a little tea, and a lot of love.

Hola estimados, es un gusto traerles mi participacion en este concurso, con un poco de té, y mucho amor.

Hello, Friends!! This is my entry to this contest sponsored by @cookiespooky !! I hope you all like this. sml



Cosmic latte. Lol. I tried out my new brush markers and felt like I forgot how to draw 😂 here it is anyway, resteemed+ upvoted 😊 #cookiedrawing

Hello @cookiespooky, thanks for the opportunity! This my entry! C360_2018-04-09-01-41-17-273.jpg

I hope you like it! God bless you!

Hello friends this is my estrada to the contest sponsored by @cookiespooky I hope you like it.


Hello friends this is my estrada to the contest sponsored by @cookiespooky I hope you like it.



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Cool! Thanks!

I love drawing account with my participation

It is a great drawing, I also do portraits, I invite you to go through my steemit profile.

Thanks! Join the challenge!

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EStoy feliz me encanta tu concurso! voy a participar! y tu dibujo es muy bueno!

I'm happy I love your contest! I'm going to participate! and your drawing is very good!

Thanks! Looking forward to your entry!

Resteemed!. Thanks for this initiative

Thank you, @danielfs!

Love your contest. I Will participate.