Self Portrait - Oil on canvas 🎨

in #slothicorn6 years ago

I resolved to keep a diary of forgotten events during my life in this painting

from flying birds to the miniature style of clouds

it took about 1 year , finally i finish at 24 May 2018 !
painters usually have several unfinished paintings they might last some years to finish





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Great painting and photos too 😍😍

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beautiful! :) <3

thank you so much Rogier <3

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WOW Amazing art!!!
If you get time check out my post of artistic boat pictures :)

Really amazing! I loved the creativity of this one.

thank you so much davidfar

I like the idea of the birds being a metaphor of lost memories. (I hope I am right in my interpretation). I am just finishing a painting that has taken me two years to complete, it's been driving me mad. @adelepazani

thank you , yes it feels good to finish a work after a long time ,

thank you :) wolfnworbeikood

...thank you, keep inspiring

This is beautiful. And thanks for the texture shots! It's always cool to see the quality of a work up close. Resteemed.

thank you so much sethlinson :)

No problem! :)

Perhaps you would be interested in joining the portrait art contest I just started here on Steemit with 20 SBD in prizes.

@sethlinson i don't know why i miss this comment , :) i think it's late to join now ,
i can try for the next time

It isn't quite too late. There's still a day to go. But if that isn't enough time for you, I do plan to host another art contest very soon :)

No problem! :)

Perhaps you would be interested in joining the portrait art contest I just started here on Steemit with 20 SBD in prizes.

Hello! This is a very sensual picture!
I also have jobs that I have not finished and can not return to them. Congratulations on completing!

thank you so much dear mary

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