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adele pazani  (8)777edw.jpg

charcoal painting

i had several charcoal works for that exhibition , and it was one of them in 2011 .

i inspired by a picture ,

Surfaces and Papers

Charcoal can be applied to just about any surface that will accept the mark. The most common surfaces or papers have a course tooth, or texture. These papers include charcoal paper, pastel papers, and watercolor papers.

Smooth surfaces are also acceptable and include newsprint, bristol board, and illustration board.

Some artists prefer to work on toned papers. Typically, when toned papers are used, both white and black charcoal are used in the drawing. Since the paper is toned, the whites are absent and must be applied in charcoal form.
and i use white paper, i can say most of the time !

Most of the time, white paper is used. Like with watercolor painting, the white of the paper acts to "mix" grays and create highlights

adele pazani  (8)777.JPG



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License



Great work eyes are really awesome.. inspires me also to do some charcoal work now...😊

thank you very much , :)
would will be great ! :)

From the pictures, it looks like his eyes would follow you around the room. I like this drawing a lot, although it kind of is creepy looking. ☺

thank you so much john :) hahaha yeees maybe ☺

You must be a chess player, too. This one’s new new favorite.

oh thank you so much , i play sometimes i like chess , it's a nice challenge

My favorite game =}. Dominoes is a close second.

really? also you can play online with lichess mobile app ,it's fun

I’ve revisited this piece now about umpteen Times! @Adele, you really did a great job. There’s 4 pieces on his head that are black that actually look plastic. Bravo young lady!

My wife said, “it looks like ‘hellraiser’ but with chess pieces.” Do you know the movie hellraiser, from the 80’s and the lead actor was called Pinhead?

Great piece, again!

thank you very much dear @dandays ,
:D oh no i didn't watch that movie yet, but just now i searched in google yes they have similar look
so this one is chesshead hahaha

WOw this is an amazing piece of art I love it

thank you my friend @tattoodjay

thank you very much slothicorn <3
@justatouchfey thank you <3

Interesting idea and strikingly executed, it really caught my eye in my feed. The soft focus on the background really makes the highlights on the pieces stand out. I keep thinking about mentally unfolding the board to see what the layout is.

thank you so much see.fee.write ....

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