Slothicorn Crypto Chart Art | Through Darkness to Light

in slothicorn-contest •  10 months ago

Hi steemians I can not play with photoshop or anything else, so I participate with fabric, pearl, scissors and glue

EOS chart


I give the title

Habis gelap terbitlah terang | Through Darkness to Light  R.A.Kartini

because I am sure there will always be hope for better circumstances

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Thank you my dear...

Kreatif sekali bunda ni


Thank you sayangkuh @rahmayn

Kreatifnya... 👍👍, sukses terus y

kerennnn uiiiiiiyyy


Makasi kak ijas my dear


Masama miftah hehe

unik kali kak


Hehe thanks ya mol

Thank you.


You're welcome

I love seeing this. Second post today that blew me away with creativity. Personally, I haven't created any art that was not on my computer for too long. I may just get out the pencils and paper.


Thanks friend it's very meaningful :)