Two magical ways to improve your skills

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The success in your life depends largely on your skill level. Your skill level needs to be improved day by day. There are many magical ways to improve your skills. I want to share two of the best of them for you.

Give focus on your technique:
In this competitive world, the good, better and best are determined by the way they do the same task. Obviously, the best ones follow the best techniques.

Every great people in every sector has the better techniques than others in their respective sector. Better techniques are happened to come by focusing on the basics. To be better in techniques, you need to try to be master of a small area of your task. After being mastered in it, focus on another basic and small area of skill that is connected to the previous one.

For example, if you want to improve your skill of giving a speech, then try to be master on delivering the opening, then the next part, then again the next one till the last part.

Divide your goal into smaller ones:
We do big tasks to get big benefits. It may be to get awards, to impress a client, to get promotion and so on. Our goal becomes big when we just have started our career. This is not the right way.

The top people always break their goals into smaller ones. They are motivated by smaller achievement that allows them for achieving the next one.

For example, mountaineers always set small goals to reach. Once reached one, they go for the next. This is the way they slowly reach the top of the mountain.

So, try to divide the way to be skilled in small pieces. Pass them one after another. This will make the skill development process interesting. Otherwise, you're sure to lose you attraction towards that skill. And the result is known to you.

You skill development depends fully on you. You may have your own strategy to be successful. But your strategy works for you or not, these two are sure to help you to get your, try to execute them to improve your skill.

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completely agree with you and there is one another way I would like to suggest that focus on innovation.If your mindset is creative then your skills will surely improve with the time.I hope it'll help everyone. 😊

first, we should explore our skills