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Hallow everyone. Hope everyone is fine. After a long 4 months break SKETCH DRAWING CONTEST is back. There will be 2 contests in every week from now on.
You dont need to be a master of drawing or a very good painter to take part here. Just pick up your pen or pencil and draw something according to the theme. JUST DO IT.


1st prize 0.500 sbd.
2nd prize 0.100 sbd.
Every accepted post will get an upvote and resteem from me. Some participants may get mini surprise gifts.
Rewards will be given on the fourth day.

  • Rewards will increase soon...


  • Bird

Do you remember the rules??


  • You have to make an entry post with this title "SKETCH DRAWING CONTEST #9, THEME : BIRD"
  • Only black or ash based colors are allowed. Make a good art without using any other colors.
  • You must Upvote and Resteem this post. I may remind not you that, You have to do it on your own responsibility. If you dont, then you will not get your reward.
  • No digital drawing is allowed.
  • Your first tag must be #sketchdrawing.
  • You must give at least 2 under process step by step picture of your drawing.
  • One participant can post only one work.
  • Your time is up after 72 hours from now.
  • Dont edit your entry.
  • Winners will be announced on the fourth day.
  • I will need atleast 3 entries to make the contest successful.

Remember, maintaining the rules are the most important thing.

Follow me to stay updated about the contest. And support Sketch Drawing Contest with your upvotes and resteems.

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as there were no entry on the first day. the time will be counted from now

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