Hi, @salty-mcgriddles! I’m Kailin. Your art look beautiful. I was upvoted and followed you

Oh thank you!

Thanks for the kind compliment

beautiful drawing, the shadows on the roses give a realistic touch and the way you drew your hair is what I like the most

Thanks. I really like working with ink because of what you just said.

I agree! Thanks for sharing the drawing.

I miss your art work :/ Time to show us something ?

More on the way. I'm working on a few things right now. Mostly reworking older pieces. I don't think people would be very interested in it. Also, art camp in a few weeks. I may blog how the camp goes. Thanks for following! Keep checking. I'll have something new soon.

Oo so nice to hear that 🤗 see you in a few days 🍀

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.

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