5 Year Old Skater and Junior Coder.

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My name is Kaden and I’m 5 yrs old. I love to skate, rock climb, and just learning to codeIMG_1591.JPG and really don’t like sketchy things or people. I watch hours of YouTube during my spare time and I’m learning the basic fundamentals of coding. My dream is to become a pro skater but I’ve only been at it for a year. I was thinking about building a YouTube channel but it may not be the most lucrative move for me at the moment but hey then again there’s a kid named Ryan that’s only a year older and he got like a 6 million dollar deal for his channel. So the YouTube channel isn’t totally out of the equation.

I’m hoping there will be a skate community on here who can offer me advice and even show me how to do some new tricks. I also would like to know anything about how a younger Dude like me can learn to design a computer game or something cool.KKpic.jpg
Anyways, I hope you all are having a life as Gnarly as mine.

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Awesome! :D

cant wait to see more!


rad! HEY YOU SHOULD CHECKOUT the computer application called SCRATCH its a game making program for kids its awesome i used it in college. it was designed for kids but my instructor in art school taught us how to use it i made a skateboarding game but that hard drive crashed wait a second maybe its on line.... OH HERE IT IS !!!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME REMEMBER THISScreen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.35.03 AM.png


hit space bar to do a kickflip


So cool...thanks! @web-gnar

Hi, I welcome you to this wonderful steemit group.
I invite you to review my blog.-

Wow very cute kid awesome


Welcome to the family @kingkaden.
I hope to read great and adventurous stories from you. You might be the youngest individual I have met on this platform. Anyways, greatness awaits you.


Thank you so much @Kwakumax and the same to you my friend....


Very nice boy.


GREAT to SEE you! I guess, welcome aboard the Steemit Train! You are already a great blessing to us all by being on this platform with us.All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Hi there!!! It's my pleasure to meet you :) WELCOME TO @steemitcommunity :)
Please visit my blog to know about me :)


Will do Mark, thanks!

Haha talking about an early adopter :D Welcome Kaden and good luck on here! Did you already study some coding?
Keep following this path and you have a bright future in front of you :)
Followed u!


You seem pretty young too....thanks @unfixable

Man when I was five I did not know words like 'lucrative' then again when I was five YouTube didn't exist, in fact computers didn't exist, therefore I couldn't learn how to code. How the times have changed. Welcome little dude let's hope you have a great future!


Yah, just got home from school, but right now I am suppose to be in Kindergarten but I am at a 4th graders level they say.....

Awww welcome @kingkaden! I loved your post, you sound like an awesome kid.

Very interesting content, I hope you can be friends with people like blogger.

Really great post! Welcome Kaden! Let's build your college fund via Steemit. :~)


Thanks Sammy! Appreciate it, I hope to show my skating progress on here in the meantime....

Welcome to steemit. Feel free to follow me @Tachiraontop

Wow, only 5 and already so talented! Welcome to Steemit, Kaden!
best of luck :)


Cool, you program too, please let me know if you have any programming clues you want to share....thanks @devohier

Welcome to steemit @kingkaden !

At first, welcome to steemit. I scrolled over the feed and I thought that I looked wrong, you are just 5-years-old and start to skate. Respect, it's awesome!


Hey thanks @jeremyarts, do you skate too?

Welcome to steemit! Hope you enjoy it here and find people who have same interests in skating and your other hobbies. Oh, I also love rock climbing. I used to attend a rock climbing class in college😀


That's so cool, I just go Momentum Rock gym alot....thank you @clairefabella

Awesome u go for it! wish i had been so awake and motivated at the age of 5!


Thank you, I am motivated by your comment....@clestialcow

Hi @kingkaden, welcome to STEEMIT!

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Also get to know more about Steem reading the Steem Blue Paper and share your feedback on our Steem Blue Paper Awareness Initiative
All the Best!!!


Thank you PrinceParvej!

Hi Kaden
Had to search this one, guess i have this phobia too, i also fear failing, but i never let that stop me.
Welcome aboard, you might run into some bandwidth problems when posting, if you want some tips how to work around this problem watch my latest post, i talked about this problem
I'm waiting anxiously for your posts

sicckk bro!!!!