RAW Skateboarding Session - 40 seconds video

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Nothing is more beautiful and as intense as love except maybe skateboarding.

If my skateboard had wings, then I would fly to the 7th heaven.

Better alone with your skateboard than in bad company?

The spirit of the skateboarder is an unconscious soul that acts in complete peace.

Without further ado...

Here's a quick edit of a skateboarding session I made several days ago.

I've been and am still ill these last days, so excuse me if I don't post a lot or write much.

Despite that, I hope that you enjoyed these short sequences.

Greetings my friends.



well done,follow you

Thank you David. ;-)

Damn bro you shredddd :)) I wish I kept up with my skating .. my best trick is a 360 flip lmao 😂 and that's about it lol. You definitely got some moves my friend !

Ohhh, 360 flip is already a really good trick! You should start over! A friend of mine has started at 25 years old. You can check him @mastodonte. ;-)

Thank you Stevi! :)

Vraiment impresionnant mec! Je ride mon longboard à chaque jour a mon travaille et c'est le meilleur moment de ma journée. Pour faire des trucs par-contre mes vieux genoux disent non merci...J'était asser intense en bmx a un certain temps et j'ai quelques points de souture pour le prouver. T'as fait des mauvaises chutes déjà?

Hey merci mon cher bovin décédé! Oh oui je te comprends tout à fait. C'est vraiment un sensation incroyable. J'ai moi même ridé ma longboard tout les jours pour aller au travail et rentrer. En plus dans une ville Suisse où tout est en pente, on l'appelle le petit San Fransisco de Suisse, Lausanne. Un plaisir intense.

Ah! Le bmx! Respect, c'est vraiment un sport intense comme tu dis! Et le chutes ne pardonnent pas: c'est hyper difficile de te débarrasser de ton engin quand tu es en perte d'équilibre en l'air, comparé au skate, où tu peux juste le shooter.

En Skate je me suis fait mal à peu près partout, mais jamais rien de cassé. (épaule luxée quand même)
Sinon en longboard je me suis cassé le scaphoïde. Mais ça ne m'empêchera jamais de continuer! (à part la chaise roulante peut-être, haha)

Au plaisir!

ouais même en chaise roulante on peut être hardcore et descendre des pentes oouuuiiii!!


sun divider.png
In words, action and sound... dumduhhtyyykkkyyyyrrrrreeeeeerrraaa!
Feel better soon...

Haha, "dumduhhtyyykkkyyyyrrrrreeeeeerrraaa!"

I always love your comments Otage!

Thank you!

Ha ha .. making the wheels squuuuuuuueeKK - ))))
.. with some BAD-ASS MoveS !! - ))

IN "TRUE" Dr. TROY style !!!!!!!!!! - ))
.. maybe this V-id is 'twice' as long ?? - ))
= TH'ree ... H-earT ... BE(A)TS .. in the Mi-DD-lE - ))
and the'N ... the whole thin'G .. in re'VERSE - ))))))))))))

RAW .. is a BEaU-ti-FuL CO(n)TRAST !!!
.. when SO MUCH .. is CON_tri_VED !!! - )))

WooP WooP !!! - )))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

Squeeeek! Haha, I love this "word". And I love powerslide!

Ohhh, I like your ideas, three heart beats in the middle, then some damn good music starts and everything in reverse. :D

But yeah, RAW skateboarding is like ASMR for me, so relaxing, it almost give me goosebumps. So many childhood memories.... I love this sport, this art.

Woop woop, love!


ASMR ?? - ))

= .. a S.low M.oving R.edhead ?? - ))
ha ha - ))


yes very sick edit! i mighht steal a move or two from you as i am cutting a skate video right now called Tea 2!

Hey thank you my friend! I checked your blog, and I loved the off tuned song you made. I follow you. ;-)
Looking forward for this skate video.

hell yes! love it! thank you! following you!

Guaooo excelente me gusto mucho como dominas la patineta, tienes mi voto. Troilo, my friend, thank you for your vote in the contest, you would help me more if you leave me a comment in the post to see if you help me win. Thank you

Thank you Karlin. I will still be supporting you with your posts. :)

that's nice, thank you very much from heart, although I would like more if it were accompanied by a comment in your votes I like to be told. greetings and blessings to you

It looks like you forgot to put some music under it xD

i kinda like hearing the skate sounds sometimes. raw, beautiful sounds that hold hauntingly perfect memories on yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

But this ain't just raw skate sounds. It's like a confused screeching ghost, stuck in a timeloop.

Yes! I love it!!

Lol, I suppose everyone has its own taste xD

ha yes! be rad brotha!!

Haha guys, what a conversation in my comment section. :D

Like said @hilladigahackles, I didn't put music on purpose, that's the point of a RAW skateboarding video. Just to hear the "screeching" sounds of skateboarding. Some might like, some others not. But for sure, all skateboarders love these sounds. It's like ASMR ;-)

Sick Nice coping skills and powerslides!

Thank you Daniel. :)

Nice and i like skteboard

Thank you Zul! ;)