DTube Exclusive @nicolcron Vlog #20 Private Indoor Skatepark! Steemskate #callyouout challenge, COFFIN GRIND!? and more funny skateboarding @nicolcron original series

in #skateboarding5 years ago

Steemians and DTube crew! I hope you are all good today!
I return with my 20th original dtube vlog (Wow 20! =)) and I believe it's one of my best yet!
I get to skate an indoor skatepark to myself and do one of my old tricks to handle one of @stickchumpion 's personalized #callyouout challenges. Shoutout to #steemskate kingpin @web-gnar !

Also look out for the cameo of Death Skateboards Owner Nick Zorlac showing us his table tennis '3D serve',
and my team mate Charlie Spelzini showing the 'Swing the wheel onto the truck' game....
Funny times as always!
Hope you enjoy the video or it at least makes you laugh =)

Thanks for watching, hope to see you next time!

StAy WeiRd
Love is all

▶️ DTube

I dont know where to start on this . The callyouout, the coffin, using the song all so good and with a crook knee. Ruling dude glad the peeps get to know about the coffin .

Awesome vlog man! Indoor skatepark to yourself, it doesn't get any better than that.
That fingerflip over the rail was sick, I'm all about the boneless tricks. Never seen anyone do a coffin grind either, gnarly!
And an adjustable rail?? I think every rail needs that lol.

Thanks bro, it was a lot of fun! I always wanted to figure out the backside 'hand down' boneless fingerflip but my brain can't figure it out lol.

I am going to do an episode on the coffin grind some time soon, I think I was the first to do it, back in 2003 or something like that. I will come across the old tapes one day and make something of that!
The rail is sick, but I couldn't get it to go back down! I hope the kids enjoyed a high rail saturday morning! Hahaha!

Awesome work as always man and pure hype!That signature coffin grind looks sick dude,clearing the #callyouout like a boss!And that park,WHAAAT!Wish I had something like that in my backyard dude.
Waiting for your next vlog.

Cheers dude!! Yeah I wasn't gonna film that night as my knee was pretty bad. So I didn't take my camera. I filmed this whole episode on my phone! Just couldn't resist a private filming session at that park! That kinda thing doesn't happen everyday!
I still gotta get that late flip though!
Thanks so much dude, lovely to see dtube has got our backs with these vlogs!
Big up DTuuuuube!!!! =)

ahhh those down-up buttons are sick
oh man this is just great! @nicolcron!
i gotta get my call-you-out!!!
cuz that song is so good

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