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My favorite skateboarder is / was Mike Vallely. He was so hardcore and one of the tricks I got decent at was jumping off of things and doing a caveman. Mike was great at doing that trick. A lot of times I would see skaters and think, "That kid is pretty good!" But no skater in the last 10 years has absolutely blown my mind to where I just start laughing because what they are doing is absolute voodoo magic and nearly defies the laws of physics.
Andy Anderson

I randomly got suggested a video on YouTube of Andy Anderson and watched it and was absolutely blown away at how smart this guy is and how athletic he is. If you don't think skaters are athletic you would be dead wrong. This guy's body control and balance is on a very elite level.

If you saw what he did at the 2:00 minute mark I have never seen that in my life and how that is possible is beyond me.

Andy has a unique board setup that he designed over years of looking at the progression of skateboards and also focused it on what would allow him to do the tricks he does more effectively.

It is really cool to see this guy excel at his craft. I'm serious when I say this. We are looking at one of legends in the sport while he is still getting better. The guy is like 22 or something.

I got rid of my last skateboard about 3 years ago but seeing this guy and his custom skateboard makes me want to buy it and skate again.

Anyone else out there skateboard?


Hi @brianphobos

Awesome to find more skater on steem.

Busy recovering from a fracture, should be back on in a few months,
we look for more skaters and skate related material to share and showcase on steemit.

We've resteemed your post.

The injuries can be rough for sure. Hopefully you will be back at it soon!

shot @brainphobos

Not being able to do what you love❤ is like loosing a loved one💔.
Skating can be intense like that. Lots of pleasure, lots of pain.
We are hoping to make the skating scene safer for all skaters.


keep your pump foot strong!

It’s so funny you posted this. Andy Anderson videos have been poping up in my YT feed for the last week. I even went to Linda vista skatepark on Monday. 😂

Yeah it is crazy. It popped up and then a podcast talk with Mike Vallely that was 5 hours long. I listened to the first hour and a half and I was super into it. It was crazy. It was almost like I forgot about Mike because when I was really into his stuff and a documentary series he did was about 2008.

funny story. Way back I had an old skateboard from the 90s we found at a garage sale. I was able to ride it a little here and there but I really didn't have anywhere to ride and no one else had boards around here.

Then in college I really wanted to get a board even though that was probably the worst idea for someone who was a college athlete and didn't need to be risking my ankles....etc. there was no skate parks or anything around but I was super into the idea of skateboarding. I always respected it.

Then when I moved to Arizona I was so excited there were skate parks I started hitting all the skate parks in Tucson and one time I was at one park all alone basically in the middle of the day and I tried to go real fast and shoot out of the bowl onto the deck but my wheels got hung up on the coping and i slammed my femur into it and seriously thought I broke my leg. I was down for awhile for sure.

Honestly I never progressed that much from not really having it growing up and then being 200lb once I was really trying to work on it. I never really had the right board or the right trucks either.

That Andy Anderson board really makes me want to ride but it is likely a bad idea. If I had kids I would be more inclined to get a board again and skate with them.

Do you still skate?

I do skate here and there. We just bought a house in lakeside, but the old house that we were renting was a block away from the big Linda Vista Skate Park. ITs a 4million dollar park the city built with Tony Hawk. Its amazing! I have had the privilege to skate with legends Denis Martinez, Jaws, and even Tony Hawk himself.

Since we moved to the new house all I have been doing in flying my glider. I did just go again tho the other day, but the day after I was super sore. Getting old. LOL!! I love to skate the bowl.




That's awesome man!
I have been doing everything I can to keep age off my back but I do feel like I am having a little more knee pain.
I need to really get back on the fish oils and all that again. I still have bounce and my arm still can throw decent so I'm trying to protect that. Hahahah

That is awesome you were able to meet all those legends!

Woah, i randomly watched that braille skateboarding vid of Andy this morning.

I had not skated in over 10 years but since I am in Canada, I took out my board again (and injured myself). The good news is I landed a kickflip and varial heelflip!

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Dude that is crazy! We are all getting suggested those videos and getting hooked!

That sucks you got hurt. That is exactly what would happen to me if I got out there right now. I don't have a board right now or I probably would.

That is sick you landed a kickflip and varial heelflip.

I never had success with those. I was always closer to getting the heel flip but never really landed it right.

I was always doing cavemans, pop shove its, ollies over small stuff, and I could do this finger flip thing where I would pop the board forward and up and then spin it and land on it. I never got good but always thought skateboarding was so cool. Still do. LOL

I love the Braille Skateboarding guys. Their "you make it we skate it" videos are pretty fantastic. They're wonderful.

That glass board was crazy!

Right? I loved the Xbox, too. That was impressive.

I love to see physics being defied.

Take that you ivory tower dwellers! Right in the Newtons, POW.

There was a commercial for...I think it was Mountain Dew or something like that. Guys skating the halfpipe on top of a skyscraper. Cut to a scene in the elevator, some suit is looking at this young guy in very different attire. Skater looks over, nods, and says "board meeting."

Cracked me up back then...

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Hahah, nice!

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Meetings are evil, and destroy productivity.

Thus, all meetings should be "board meetings" ^_^