Dancing life|舞动人生-Six Week Health Challenge: Week There

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Hi steemit friends!❤

I am a student in school, my way to de-stress is to dance. When I was depressed, I had a lot of joy in dancing, and when I was humbled, my peers' praise gave me a lot of confidence. Besides, it has also made me know a lot of like-minded friends, so that I can keep moving forward under their company and help with a positive attitude, and be a better me!

While dancing, the charm of music and dance moves will attract your attention and all your troubles will vanish. In the shining dance studio, in front of the bright mirror, the whole heart feels the music, each remake touches the soul, the whole body expresses the dance movement, each position strives for the perfection.

Let's dance, it's not too late, a pair of dancing shoes is enough. Dance to find out the youth, find out the charm, find out elegant, so that we can find ourselves' beauty!

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In my own experience, share three ways to add your passion for dance:

1.Take pictures | 拍照

When you choose a kind of dance you prefer, you can try to use the photo record after learning some action in the dance studio, record your beautiful moments, to feel the charm of dance moves on your body, began to believe that you can do movements you never imagine, and give yourself the courage to continue to learn.

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2.Participate in the activity | 参加活动

Actively participate in activities with peers, experience the fun of collective rehearsal, and the satisfaction of receiving compliments. From determining dance music, queuing model to rehearsals, choosing costumes, each link condenses each participant's heart, everyone gathered by love. You will sweat together, infect each other, encourage each other, expect and witness the collective results.


3.Participate in the competition | 参加比赛

One theory is that if you want to make rapid progress, sign up for competitions. At the early stages of the game, whether out of consciousness or teacher's supervision, you will have more incentive to practice, in continuous practice, you can find yourself more questions, stimulate your mind and body, correct some habitual wrong action. Your competitive spirit will allow you to have higher requirements for yourself, spend more time on training, focus on correcting your mistakes, and have a deeper impression, then achieve better results.

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Thanks for reading very much.

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