The life without dance, isn't regret? | 不曾起舞的人生会不会有一丝遗憾

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Share a group of photos taken with my dancing friend, and I think it is the most valuable in the portrait photos I have taken. I hope you can enjoy them!

The photos were taken in the summer of the undergraduate years, when I am 22 years old. Aged in our early 20s, It is the time that I and my good friend is about to start the next stage of our life. After the summer vacation, we will head for the different city, different life. We want to take this set of photos by dance moves, to commemorate our friendship and the memory of our perishable youth.

Theme: Youth is a song that can not be finished, wish she had an ageless face
Equipment: Canon E0S760D
Address: DouYun city, Guizhou province @Qingyun Lake forest park (My hometown, Welcome!)

psb (4).jpg

psb (6).jpg

psb (5).jpg


psb (1).jpg

psb (2).jpg

psb (3).jpg

psb (9).jpg

psb (7).jpg

psb (8).jpg


哎~看来我遗憾了28年了 有时间教我跳舞啊!哈哈哈

哈哈 才28年呀 还来得及 哈哈~没问题呀!

看来我看上去 像38.。。。呜呜 T.T

不呀 我觉得你看上去像20出头,辣妈一枚呀!


谢谢~会的! 哈哈



我刚刚 提名你 参加新的挑战活动啦!^_^

好哒哒 感谢!~

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