WEEK THREE of The Six Week Health Challenge #sixweekhealth: Zen of Greenery – Efficient Way to Destress Myself | 六周健康挑战 之 绿色减压

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First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for able to participate on this third week of the Six Week Health Challenge.
Hence, I would like to personally thank @healthsquared and @sweetsssj for organizing such a meaningful challenge.

Raise and brought up in poor family, both parents used to work day and night just to obtain tiny income for whole family's expenses. May due to the same reason, I was accustomed to work overload, but unwittingly attached to the invisible price: Stress!

For years, I was working in a foreign country ... not until recently, after encountered the worst accidents in life (due to overpressured and overstressed in work place).

Soon after that incident, my life has undergone a huge transformation, whereby began to learn how to de-stress myself.

Destressing From Inside Out – Take Action !

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Know thyself:
Although mood swings vary from person to person, emotions are like fingerprints, and everyone has a fixed pattern.
For example, I will be very impatient on Monday to Wednesday, but not until Thursday, psychologically and emotionally enter the stage of relaxation.

In accordance with our own emotional patterns, I started to search high and low for pratical solutions: This is how I ended up planting potted plants and bonsai.
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Besides being irritable, personal patience was hence being developed.

Throughout experience of self-learned greenery-planting, I accidently discovered that nursing greenery while listening to classical music or natural ambient musics (such as rain, buzz, etc.) and allow our spirit and soul to resonance with nature.

Nature is The Best Psychological Healer

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I am so delighted with the feeling of being surrounded by greenery, no matter how busy I am, I'll always accustom to take a break daily... to feel and to touch my beloved plants without failed.

After work, I am habitually ** enjoy every part of all my plants, including its leaves, stems, soil, pests and so on.

In addition to enjoying the plants, I will always came across surprises, such asbirds, squirrels, ants, earthworms, butterflies, insects and dragonflies that I supposed was attracted to this man-made nature.

Gardening are like taking care of children, watching them grow up gradually, would resulted in tremendous satisfaction and happiness.

Over time, initial feeling of stress and negativity no longer exists.

By the way, these are my commonly used planting materials: plants-scissors, gloves, and of course...my plants.
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Greatest Gift I Could Give to My Kids, My Family and My Friends

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One of the immediate benefits I gain from potted plants and bonsai is the cultivation of my three children. They've learned to value nature as well as be responsibled.

Since I fell in love with gardening, I found myself...

  1. Deeply in love with nature, would protect the environment at all costs.

  2. Besides, to my family, friends and the community, I've learned to be extra patience, sincered, and cherished

  3. Found the true "me", which changes my personal values.

Green (Natural) – Zen

All started from a simple but selfish way of self-de-stressing process, has now extended to great influence to my lovely family and beloved friends.

Discovered that beside the ability to gain healthy habits, I was able to contribute to people and nature around me!

Thank you for reading.

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由内到外的自我减压方式 – 自己动手

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| 给孩子,家人和朋友最大的礼物



  1. 深深的爱上了大自然,对坏境保护倍加珍惜与关心。

  2. 因而对家人,朋友以及社会额外的耐心,真心,和珍惜。

  3. 对自己则更学会了自我检讨,以及从新改变对外价值观。





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