#sixweekhealth(Week THREE): A Nerd's Way of Handling Stress

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Hello everyone, this is my entry for the #sixweekhealth challenge by @sweetsssj and @healthsquared.
Thing is I'm kinda a nerd, so i tend to do nerdish stuff to destress. What i do is basically watch movies and play mobile games. Because of the nature of that, i can't really take pictures of movies and games so i just hope screenshots will do.
Firstly this is a bit of my movie stash... i love series alot as you can see a few i watch below.

Anyway, most of the time, i destress with playing this game (as i said, nerd). Its called Marvel Future Fight and I'll just walk you through the game, its really awesome and exciting.


This is the home interface from where you begin navigating the game. Basically the game is about having a team if Marvel heroes (or villains) that you use to complete various missions.

These are the heroes and villains I've recruited so far, and on top is my first team, Captain America (team leader), Thor and Spider-Man. A very formidable team.

That is Captain America, my team leader, the strongest of them all. He has defeated alot of enemies single handed (with me of course). A great warrior indeed.

This is the interface for going into battle. There are various battles which includes, Missions, Challenges, Co-op play (defeat enemies with other online players or fight against other online players), and you can also fight with some world bosses (Marvel's biggest and baddest), you are going to have to upgrade your characters for that though, those bosses don't joke around.

That is my current progress on the story missions. Its very difficult moving forward because i need stronger characters than i already have. Been here for weeks.

Those are shots of the gameplay, it is very electrifying (literally 😉). You have basic skills and special skills for each character and they all deal different levels of damage to the enemy. The moves and controls are just beautiful.

As you can see i won that battle with my wonderful team.

The game usually gives rewards for daily logging in. The rewards can be gold and gems (for buying in-game stuff) or materials for upgrading a character.

Here is a store where you use the gold and gems to buy materials for character upgrades. It refeshes every hour bringing new things.

Now that is Venom, he is my latest project. I'm upgrading him so i can hopefully be strong enough to continue and advance of missions. He's stats are quite better than those of the characters in my first team. When he is ready, he'll displace one of the one already there (thinking Spiderman but we'll see)

Lastly those are my in-game friends, they can assist me on a battle when its getting too much for me.
So that is Marvel Future Fight, my most important tool for destressing. You all should try it, you will loveeee it.

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Can't put myself up with games so much, but I am always looking for new movies! :) thanks for sharing!