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Hello from the other side!
So, there have been questions from all angles about the Steem(it) in Nigeria 2 conference coming up in the Federal Capital territory and we have compiled the frequently asked questions and have also compiled a list of amazing replies for them.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for keeping you glued to your screen as you read this. Happy weekend folks!

Now that we have gotten this off our chests, let us get this show on the road. I will start with the questions you will least expect to the obvious ones.
Question 1:
Can the event just come already?
Sadly, we lost our space time manipulation device back in the Jurassic era during our last trip, so we have to wait like everyone else for this great event. Don't ask how we got back from the Jurassic era without the device, we'll just have to go into some boring physics.

Question 2:
Why has the site not reflected any recent updates?
Have you ever wondered why great businesses made it so far? They have learned not to give away too many spoilers. Of course we have everyone's interest in mind but at the same time, how is a surprise called a surprise without the element of surprise? See what I did there?
The site will be updated sooner than you think.

Question 3:
Is the event strictly entertainment or just another boring blockchain meetup?
Hello?? Who says you cannot have the best of both worlds? Well, we are mixing both flavors of entertainment and blockchain because nobody ever said learning about the blockchain cannot be fun.

Question 4:
How is the team planning to accommodate everyone?
Well, if you read our previous posts, never mind, let us say it again. Affordable hotels are being provided for everyone ranging from six thousand naira per night, ten thousand naira per night to as high as any amount you want. Transcorp Hilton is not a fixed hotel for accommodation. There are other amazing and not so expensive hotels we have contacted to ensure those attending can get a good value for their money without breaking the bank. Hey! We are even working on getting discounts for the attendees, we let that slip, see why I said no spoilers.

Question 5:
But what about those who don't know Abuja?
We are currently working on a travel guide for those visiting Abuja for the first time. Also, activities within Abuja as regards the event will be coordinated by the team. In simpler terms, we plan on providing transport facilities for coordinated movement within the town.

Question 6:
What about the hackathon?
Like we said, we belong to everybody and nobody...or did someone else already use those lines? Who cares.
Well we are giving one hundred thousand naira to anyone who can win the developmental challenge at SIN2. The idea is to create a coding challenge and programmers will be asked to solve the challenge. Also, developers will work on a project and present it before a panel. Each project will be addressed and the best project will be declared the winner. For more information, please contact @leczy.

Question 7:
Who are we expecting?
Get ready for the best of the best. We just recently got confirmation that Chris Ani, one of the best crypto enthusiast in Nigeria will be speaking at the event. Let me not ruin the moment by giving away too many spoilers. Summary is just expect the best of the best.

Question 8:
Why should we attend and sponsor?
Apart from the social interaction which is priceless, this year, we are taking things up a notch. We are targeting the creation of investment opportunities on the steem blockchain and also getting investors for steem. Guess what? This event is all about steem, made for steem and promoting steem.

Question 9:
Who is this event targeting?
Everyone! We have a population target of newbies for the event and steemians who are already a part of the steem family are a part of this beautiful journey. Come for the rewards, stay for the community!

Why don't you come and be a part of history...Steem to the moon.
To contribute to this great project, send your donations to the @leadent360 account on steemit.
Special shoutout to @donkeypong, @ausbitbank, @demotruk, @surfyogi, @thejohalfiles among others (who we cannot list as this list will be endless) for their amazing contribution towards the success of this event.


Can't wait for this great event SIN2 feeling happy to be part of it.. Hoping i'll finally perform my all rap song on the event

Looks like the questions I was about to ask have already been answered.
Omo, we die SIN here.

SIN isssaa goal. I'm a proud SINner, I don't know about y'all.


Don't ask how we got back from the Jurassic era without the device

When you lost the time machine, you created a time dilation and opened up a portal wormhole to the space-time continuum, which also caused a time aberration that made it possible to switch between times... As if I sabi wetin I dey talk sef :p

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I never had the privilege to attend the fist edition...
You see this SIN2, all the way....
Shout out to all the great minds behind this and mostly to you @ehiboss, for the vision...

SIN2 is going to be lit!
I've had these questions in mind, but its all good now since they've been answered.


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na them they rush us oo... Sin2 is a goal,thanks for the clarifications.... if you miss this one you are in a long thing

Great post. I love the Q and A format and choices of topics, which seem right on point. Good luck with this awesome event!

Thank you for this update.... It is getting close.

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Let's join hands and expose steem to the world in this event!