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Hello everyone! I have said many times that I love to edit my photos. Working with color, exposure, contrast-all this is so exciting and sometimes just necessary. And today I will tell you about my most favorite photo editors that I use.


Programs for smartphone:

1. Lightroom. Work with color, light and more. Ability to create and save your own presets. Possibility to download ready-made professional presets and apply them to your photos. (A preset is a set of color, light, contrast, sharpness, etc.). That can be applied to any photo in one click.)

2. Snapseed. A bunch of cool processing possibilities. Lightening, removing defects from the background or from the subject. Creative workshop with the ability to create real masterpieces from photos. Grain, drama, my favorite. Here you can combine 2 photos into one, to change background and much more. A very powerful app with lessons from world professionals inside.

3. Good old VSCO. Truly stylish and high-quality ready-made filters. My favorite is the HB2 filter. The perfect filter for a photo in the style of "blogger". This filter gives a beautiful skin tone, perfect deep green, beautiful noble red. This filter even slightly improves the quality of the photo. For colorful photo filters are suitable E. for calm and airy A5. For the A4 interior. Autumn and natural M.


My photo editors for computer:

1. Adobe Ligtroom. All the same as in the phone, but steeper at times. Unlimited possibilities.

2. Photoshop. Well, it's a legend. Skin retouching, color, light, background change, figure correction, anything. This program is the mother of all other photo processing programs. Everything that we can use in other photo editors certainly originates and the idea in photoshop. This is the mainstay of processing with which every photographer should be able to handle. In addition, it is very interesting and exciting.


Lately I've been actively exploring Adobe Ligtroom. I twist the sliders and curves in different directions, trying to reach the perfect picture. And I think I've got my own universal preset, which is suitable for most of my photos.

So I decided to do an experiment. The next 2 weeks I will be posting photos processed with this preset. I will try to make different photos, and indoors, and outdoors, and portraits, and Food. Let's see how it works in different light and color pictures.
And you look into my blog, write how you like or not the style of my preset.
At the same time, you can see whether the common style of the blog is so important.
If the preset works well, I'll share it with anyone who wants to try it on their photos.


Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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Simple yet beautiful !!
Nice posting..


Many thanks!