#simplefoodContest #7: STEEMIT SIMPLE FOOD CONTEST: WIN (Half the rewards to this )SBD in my food contest, Let's have fun making simple dishes

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Hello Foodies

My week was a pretty short one. Though I feel that is what happens when you are busy and the last day of the week is a holiday. That with a very busy schedule at the work to close the first quarter of the year. Time is going by so fast. I can almost not wait for next week Tuesday when things will have slowed down abit.

So earlier on when I used to get this busy, I would snack a lot, eat a lot of frozen foods or junk food. That of course rewarded me with weight gain and clothes bursting out of their seams. Now one of my major goals for the #simplefoodcontest is to show people simple, healthy and delicious meals that people can make even when they are busy.

In my busy times I visit my friend's restaurant and eat sandwiches with whole grain bread. I have really missed my kitchen. This holiday season, I have a few recipes that I will be trying out and sharing with you later.

My simple breakfast today

Lots of vegetables, two beef sausages and my mum's style omelette

#simplefoodcontest #6 Winners

It is that time again to announce the winners for the last contest

In the sixth round of contest we had four entries, each of the entries was filled with beautiful photos and clear instructions. All from healthy dishes to comfort food. I have to say the diversity in the foods presented is really welcome and a great addition to this contest. I wish we can see more variations and I am hopeful we will see it in the coming days.

@smylie2005 with Simply Delicious Roast with Potatoes and Carrots! won the first place.

This dish had me drooling and reaching for my screen especially for that juicy piece of meat. I cannot even express how delicious this looks. Good photos and very clear instructions. Pay her blog a visit and remember to support her. Also try out her dish.

@sweetcha with PILIPIT!

Are you looking for a comfort food easy and fast to make? Do you have that coveted sweet tooth? Then look no further. This dish is what you are looking for. Clear instructions and included photos for you to know exactly what the outcome should be like.

@ karchady presented us with Mexican enchiladas

A wonderful recipe that can be made easily, more so you can have friends or family participate in making this together. See the above link for more instructions on how to make this delite.

@marlenny with Sate Taichan

Chicken with a twist and healthy. See instructions from our participant blog. Remember to show some support too.

Rewards for this round of contest have already gone out. Thank you to all who participated. I hope to see you in the next round of the contest.

Announcement #simplefoodcontest#7

These instructions are the same as for the previous few contest.

I am hopeful that this time we get to have more people participating. Invite your friends. Resteem so others can get a chance to participate.
Also encourage people to share cuisines from the areas they come from. Do not be afraid we are not judging master chefs here. We are having fun first and foremost. And you could win something or get more visibility by participating in this.

Are you up for this? Do you think you can create a simple to make and delicious meal?

I am looking for you. This is an easy contest

So What is in it for you on this Challenge?

For the food dish post that impresses me, have clear instructions making it easier for me to replicate. I will choose that person as the winner. To note the SBD prices have gone really low so I am adjusting the rewards to this contest.

Edited rewards

As a winner you win 50% of half the rewards in SBD to this post sent directly from my account after post payout. The rest of the 50% from the SBD rewards will be divided equally amongst four other selected dishes. We will have a total of five recipes selected. The recipes will be featured in a winners post too.

How to join and the rules: Follow each to avoid disqualification

Upvote this post. I will check. If you do not upvote you get disqualified should you be the winner.
Follow me, for updates on upcoming posts on similar contest. I will also check this for the recipes I select.
Write your own food post and post the link in the comments below. Include a photo in your comment.
Include Clear photos in your blog. Lemme feel like I am right there looking at the food.
Clear ingredients, method and serving suggestions.
Use the tag #simplefoodcontest as one of your tags.
Include simplefoodcontest #7 in your title.
Grant me permission to use your posts images in my post to record winners.

How long will this contest run?

The final winner will be named after 7 days from today. Winners to be announced on Saturday Afternoon EAT

Sponsors and supporters

At the moment I am the only sponsor for this food contest

Most importantly have fun with this competition and good luck

Thank you for visiting my blog. Join me next time for more.

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Thank you Very much @mutitum.i appreciate Your work and Your generousity.Peace ,Goodluck and steem on👍🏻

Congratulations to the winners. Everything looks delicious!


Thank you So much @amalinavia

All the delicious homemade food! Congratulations to the winners.


Thank you So much @kimzwarch

Thank you so much for picking my yummy roast! Looking forward to the next contest!


Looking forward to reading more of your entries

Thank you so much @mutitum for conducting this awesome contest and for your generousity, much appreciated, congrats to all fellow winners😊


You are welcome. Congratulations again. Only two days left in this contest

Great contest that you are running. It’s always great to see all these delicious foods in one place.

I would like to submit my entry to this weeks #simplefoodcontest. Feel free to use pics if needed https://steemit.com/foodphotography/@supernovastaffy/food-adventures-9-or-home-cooking-or-sticky-pork-ribs


An easy way to get hungry. Looking at all that delicious food.

Thank you for participating

Hi @mutitum
I've been wanting to take the time to participate in your contest again.
I'm glad to see it's going well! I've been curating a contest with the tag #dailyfoodphotography and I included a link to your contest in my Weekly Winners and Tuesday Top Ten compilation. I hope it brings more participants to your contest! We can support each other and discover more food posts by sharing links to each other's contests :) Enjoy cooking this week!


@mininthecity you are awesome.

Definitely a YES on supporting each other. Thank you for the support. Now are you in discord, I would love to discuss this some more. I am @mutitum#4477