I have all I need, and likely more than I deserve. I am planning to take care of my family, and I know that whatever I am unable to do, GOD will provide the differences! But he does expect me to use the brain he provided to me, and for me to do the work.


That sounds perfect, to be honest. I like your spirit, a lot of people lack such wisdom

Thanks, I plan to do all I can; in spite of the fools now running things! If I don't have it, I plan to make it myself....


I support you in it, you are going to do it I know.

If you were here, I could teach you how to build your own semi-automatic rifle for about $500 (instead of buying one for $1200). We could have some Fun, LOL!

They might not like that where you are living now, so we better not....


I am not into riffle or any sort of guns, could never fire any yet in 28 years so far but yes learning something new would be fun, especially when it's about protecting your own self from any evil that might come your way.

About coming there, if my work fails, I do have plans to go somewhere abroad to study and settle down for better. But, I don't think that is feasible as of now and US is strict with very little work opportunities for the forgeiners, isn't it? Canada would be a more preferable option ( so many from this side move there and live happily) and we would be neigbors lol I could wave at you from closer :D Or, maybe you could help me with this decision too

With the powers in charge, visit Canada and walk across the border. Those coming in illegally, seem to have more rights than Citizens do! Crazy but true.


yeah, that could be true. People in charge care more about what the outsiders especially the media and all say about their policies than what the locals say. Firstly we ask every country about their treatment of the outsiders coming into them whereas it should be about their locals first, am I right?

Once you get a Canada visa, you can walk past the USA legally, my cousin who has moved to Canada took a flight back to Canada from Abu Dhabi via Washington, and had a trip in the US as well.

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