I have a new visitor that I added to my silver stack!

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A Lady with heart of...silver, came to my house to add to my silver party. Even though it is harder to find a good deal on bullion these days, I try to add some regularly.

She is a beauty!
I put her in with my other bullion, and I'm sure they are still partying, ROFLOL!

She plans to stay, she even brought her bird:


I don't think there is a better hard asset than silver and gold. Of course, this is After you have stocked in; beans, bullets, and band-aids! Don't neglect anything on this list, and add what you need for your own circumstances.

Silver is a little easier to find today, with prices going nuts right now! I favor the one ounce in silver like this, and one tenth ounce in gold; since it is an easier barter amount.

Stay blessed, and keep on stacking!


Silver always looks beautiful but the lady on it made it look even classy, a good addition to your already superb collection.

I would like several hundred ounces more, but we are running low on time to purchase additional items.


Don't worry, we can never have it all. That's the sad reality

I have all I need, and likely more than I deserve. I am planning to take care of my family, and I know that whatever I am unable to do, GOD will provide the differences! But he does expect me to use the brain he provided to me, and for me to do the work.


That sounds perfect, to be honest. I like your spirit, a lot of people lack such wisdom

Thanks, I plan to do all I can; in spite of the fools now running things! If I don't have it, I plan to make it myself....


I support you in it, you are going to do it I know.

If you were here, I could teach you how to build your own semi-automatic rifle for about $500 (instead of buying one for $1200). We could have some Fun, LOL!

They might not like that where you are living now, so we better not....