Fade in peace

in silence •  last year  (edited)

I want to die blinded
with the false images of life
die deafened with your lies
to die dumb with false secrets
die Heartless for your damned treachery
to die with sores of every caress of my skin
dying soon but I can't do it
I don't bleed, I don't stop breathing,
and even that I feel that I live my body is cold
perhaps because I can't die twice,
because I haven't felt for a long time
who didn't cry and I know that today my body is asleep,
maybe I'll kill you goodbye, maybe my carelessness

It was my own suicide
but it's just a dying death
that ends my body my soul and my mind.
And I would just like to sleep in this empty valley
where my heart poses,
that's why I want to die in the most infinite silence
to think of you.

I do not want to feel alive to your contempt, if for you I died
just leave me in the silence and go, my soul do not suffer
goodbye always goodbye, do not say anything before leaving
I just want to let you go, to fade away in peace
with my loneliness and being happy



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