New Signup Service Available from @netuoso - How to open a new Steem blockchain account with your CREDIT CARD

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There are several ways that users are currently able to signup for Steem blockchain accounts:

  • Users can get a 100% free account by signing up via They must however provide their email address and phone number, and wait for Steemit to review the account. The process usually takes less than 24 hours, but for some accounts it may take up to 7 days. The review process is to ensure that users are not attempting to abuse the system and signup for multiple free accounts.
  • Users who already have a Steem blockchain account can instantly create additional accounts using SteemConnect, just by paying the account creation fee (currently 6 STEEM).
  • Users can anonymously create an account using AnonSteem, by paying the account creation fee plus a small fee for using the service. Users are able to pay in STEEM, BTC, or LTC.

Thanks to witness @netuoso, there is now a fourth option:

Users can open an account with their credit card using SteemCreate!

Even if you don't plan to create a new account, I highly suggest you check out this new site. It is really professional looking, and has a lot of great information about Steem!

Creating a new account with SteemCreate is very simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "SIGN UP NOW" in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your unique username (it will tell you if the name is already chosen).
  4. Click "Checkout".
  5. Enter your credit card information:
  6. Click the "Pay $x.xx" button (currently $10.00).
  7. Wait for the payment to be processed, and the account to be created.
  8. You will be taken to a page that shows your new account information:
  9. Click the "Copy" button next to your password to copy it to the clipboard.
  10. Save your password somewhere safe, and back it up in the event that your hard drive crashes.
  11. Seriously - make sure you save and backup your password. Do not wait to do this later. Do it right away.

That's it!

Be sure to pay attention to the tips at the bottom:

You will now be able to login to, or many of the other Steem blockchain services such as, ChainBB, eSteem,, (and many more)!

The liquid rewards from this post will be used to buy STEEM and donated to the @steemcreate account. Note, the website is being run as a 'for profit' service, but this will help provide additional funding to the account so it can deal with larger volumes of account signups without needing to be constantly refilled.

A huge thank you @netuoso for creating this highly valuable service!!!

If you would like to support @netuoso, please consider voting on him for witness, or helping to provide additional startup funding to the @steemcreate account.

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Anyone can sign up? I mean world wide users can join this?.

Thanks for the mention and helping to share this project. With the recent hike in Steem prices, users are essentially getting a FREE account through SteemCreate. (The account comes with 6 SP deposited in it for $10!!)

I will try my best to keep the prices at $10 as long as possible but we shall see how the market moves things.

It has been great to contribute to Steem and I really look forward to many more influential creators joining.


If 6 SP is added to account, then current price of STEEM and real cost of $1($10-6x$1.5) is shown in the front page will inspire more adoption. Anyway, it still looks very convenient way to create an account :)

This is great! I love that we get new possibilities to create new accounts, especially ones like this one where you don't even need to have any crypto to buy the account in the first place. Might be a good solution for getting new members!

Also, I really like the website. I didn't create an account, but it seems easy to use, and has a lot of good information for new users! Well done @netuoso!

Very cool and very salient service
I hope that you will act in a practical way and benefit all of them and the fees are few and not large so that all members benefit without resorting to any other sites or road

Greetings to you @timcliff


It seems like one of the main objectives is to try and keep the fees low :)


The idea of low fees works to trust the members of the site and it wants to earn members and not lose members


Who is keeping the credit card information and how it is protected?
Nice to see options to create steem accounts.


The credit card information is securely processed through Stripe. No credit card information is ever stored on SteemCreate's servers.

You can check out Stripe documentation to find more technical information. In summary, your credit card information is turned into a one-time-use token that is then sent to Stripe and processed for the charge.

The Steem information for the account is stored in the browser local storage and can be deleted via the SteemCreate website. The cookie contains the only copy of the original password. Deleting the cookie makes it impossible for me to help you recover your account unless you made proper backups.


@netuoso thank you for answering the questions. I'm sure some people will be happy to know this information.



Yep, this is definitely nice information for me. I don't generally like to give away my CC info to "random" websites, but Stripe is known to be pretty good, so it is for sure reassuring for me :)


good questions!

Thank you for this manual. More and more of my friends want to join the world of crypto through steem, but have problems with basic registration. I think many will prefer the alternative options.

This is great news @timcliff ! And great job @netuoso ! Its awesome to have a fourth sign up available . I have been here since July 2016 just a month or so after you joined ( Just finished watching your interview with @terrybrock Great Job my friend ! ) I started a second account myself a couple of months ago using @AnonSteem so I had a blog just for my food posts ! Its an only food and drinks blog that's so much easier to keep track of and follow my followers posts easier with many less in my feed there and they don't get lost as easily or mixed in with all the other stuff I blog about . Its definitely great to have another option that can be paid for by credit card ! Thanks for sharing the information with us ! Upped and resteemed !! 👍👍👍💳💳💳

This is awesome, great work @netuoso. This is the type of development steem desperately needs if we want to go mainstream. Thanks for sharing Tim

This sounds like a good option since some people I know have waited a long time

This is really cool, and I think it will help bring talented adoption to the platform especially for non-tech tags, like a talented artist that doesn't use bitcoin using a credit card so they can promote their art right away.

This will make it simple to make extra account on the blockchain. Much appreciated @timcliff, @steemcreate and @netuoso. realy done a great work for community.much thanks.

A complate guideline and deteil, i appreciate that thanks a lot for this post. @timcliff

This will make it easy to create additional accounts on the blockchain. Thanks @timcliff & @steemcreate!


Don't forget @netuoso ;)
(I just wrote the post - he did all the work, hehe)


thank for sharing information on steem blockchain account in detail.


Noted! Thanks @timcliff AND @netuoso!

A complete guides and details.. thanks

What a great idea congratulations to all developers @netuoso special, thank you very much dear friend @timcliff for transmitting the valuable news that is presented in our beloved platform
I wish you a great week


Thanks @jlufer - you too! Always great to hear from you :)

Woww, what a great work... Congratulatulation, thanks a lot for @netuoso for make this possible, and thanks a lot too for @timcliff for make this post... Greaaaaattttttt !!! Thumbs Up 1000%

Is it allowing people to not wait the steemit team to send the the password ? is it faster or direct ? And if someone already have an account on steemit he can create multiple account that way ?


Creating an account with this method is a lot faster than the current free signup process via I went through it myself, and other than filling out the info (which took about 2-3 minutes) - I got an account in about 30 seconds.

Users are allowed to create multiple accounts, as long as they pay the account signup fee for any accounts beyond their first 'free' one.

gracias compañero por compartir esta información,, si hay personas que pueden tener varias cuentas al mismo tiempo y hacer lo incorrecto...


Las personas pueden crear tantas cuentas como deseen, si pagan la tarifa de creación de la cuenta para esas cuentas. Dividir Steem Power en varias cuentas no proporciona ninguna recompensa adicional en comparación con mantener todo en uno.

Besides avoiding wait time and being able to create multiple accounts, what are the advantages of the paid sign up?


Those are the main advantages :)
Also, not having to share your email and phone number - which some people prefer not to do.

This is a wonderful way to accelerate the growth of the program, while staying with its original intentions. Wonderful job guys! @netuoso @timcliff

Thanks for shared A complete guides and details.. thank you @timcliff (Resteemted)

that's great...
thank's for sharing @timcliff help us..


Thanks for your kind information. I didn't know it. Thanks to @steemcreate and @timcliff.

It is free ??


No. $10. For that you avoid waiting, and providing email address and mobile number.


Does the site accept PayPal


PayPal integration soon to come. Currently it accepts Credit Cards through Stripe or Bitcoin through Stripe.

thanks man for your super post with huge information.... yeah i will try to open this account very soon.... keep it up man.... you are doing great work for all of steemit members......iam appreciating you for your good effort...........

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

Might streamline the process

That's easily making extra blockchain account.
Thank you for providing more success work @timcliff, @netuoso and @steemcreate.

I like the idea. The steemcreate page explains everything in a simple way. I still know people who can't understand how steemit works.
And the Free lost password recovery option can be helpful for many.
Good job 👍


I am changing the language related to that. However, for SteemCreate to help you with an account recovery, you must have a backed up password or owner key.

Because of this, it is actually most useful if someone STEALS your account and changes your owner key. SteemCreate can then help you (the owner of an old, valid key) retrieve your account.

If a user loses their password and all their keys ... their account is doomed to never be recovered.

thanks... thats really useful

Nice to meet you, @timcliff!

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In the meantime, I have followed you and I look forward to your future posts!

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What are the special security feature in this site? @timcliff


You will have to ask @netuoso

Thanks for this useful info, tim! Upvoted, followed, resteemed!

thanks a lot for make this post... Great!

Interesting information thanks to @netuoso for your service and @timcliff for the publication.

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it is easily to guess that you are a great writer and great human.

very good and helpfull post

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Amazing post!