Are You Busy Manifesting Reality or Stuck in a Meaningless Loop Going No Where?

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I’m seeing an interesting pattern lately. ‬While some people are bored, looking for work, floundering for meaning and purpose, others are absolutely slammed with opportunities. They are involved in multiple projects, companies, and initiatives without enough time to get it all done.

In programming, there’s a concept known as a 10x developer. These unicorns can supposedly produce more excellent code than ten other developers combined. As silly as that sounds, I think there’s some truth to it. I also think the concept may extend further than just programming. Some people just get a lot done, even with a limited amount of available time. To use some mystical language, they are simply manifestors. Their efforts result in a manifested change in physical (and possibly spiritual) reality.

The ones I’ve met don’t sleep much. Balance is challenging, but the good ones fine time for play among the work. Finding time for spouses, children, and meaningful relationships is a bit more challenging. Most bear the weight of deep responsibility and purpose. Most have at least a few moments of feeling completely overwhelmed each week.

So here’s my thought this morning:

For those feeling overwhelmed, maybe that’s a signal to mentor others to help carry the load? Maybe those looking for work and meaning and purpose just need one of these manifestors to come along and tag them in.

The challenge as I see it related to this line of thinking: there are no shortcuts. Most of those I’ve met doing amazing things got there by following the process. They were faithful in the little things, diligently and consistently over time, to later be entrusted with the bigger things. Sometimes those floundering around haven’t yet evolved their capacity for love (they have high entropy in their consciousness), so they can’t yet hold space for the important things. They can’t bear the burden because their muscles for doing so have not been exercised enough.

As someone who is starting to take on more responsibilities, I love being around other manifestors. At the same time, it can be draining being around those who are stuck and aren’t moving forward. Carving time out to mentor them seems even more overwhelming. It also feels... a bit forced in that the mentors I’ve had over time happen organically as part of my individual story in a mutually beneficial relationship. It doesn’t feel like a burden, but like natural flow.

So here I’ve outlined a few things:

  1. Some people are not moving forward.
  2. Some people are moving forward so quickly they barely have time for anything.
  3. It may be beneficial for group two to mentor group one to spread the load.
  4. Group one can’t participate until they demonstrate competency, drive, and an elevated consciousness in order to bring value and not drain energy.

What do you think?

If you had to think dualistically, which group are you in right now (we all go through seasons)?

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Now that is another excellent and well thought out Luke Stokes post. In that has me reflecting on how I'm constantly moving....somewhere. But forward sure in some ways more than others. I've had to reassess my life this past year. I decided to focus more on what makes me happy, the result is that I'm actually happier than I have ever been. For the past few years I was kind of hung up on finding the right girl to spend my life just worked against me. So now I'm "the fun guy" and frankly it's a whole lot better this way until I find the right girl. So in this regard, I'm happier and have moved forward. Thanks for the support with my blog and giving me another moment to reflect. Wishing you and your family the very best from Quito Ecuador. -Dan

Thanks for stopping by, Dan. I'm glad to hear you're doing you. I hope that right life partner comes along at the right time which will be perfect for you.

Thanks Luke! Your words always resonate. Best to you and your family, always :)

It is quite difficult for me to categories in which group I belong. There are times that I feel that I am not moving forward and just have the feeling that all I am doing is a mechanical routine without meaning for the sole purpose of earning to support myself. On the other hand sometimes I feel I move too fast jumping from one topic to another having no time to fully understand where I am at or what I am doing. Perhaps the best way to describe myself is I am continuously searching. Searching for the next buck, searching for the right strategy to maximize my output and rewards, searching for the next big thing, searching for the next project that would enable me to achieve freedom, financial freedom as that is one of the primary burden for most individual where I come from.

Or is it? sometimes when I have the luxury of time to ponder, I often think on what would I do when I finally achieve financial freedom. Shall I go on a tour? Shall I buy all the luxury goods that I ever wanted? Shall I eat on those fancy restaurant? Shall I buy the latest gadgets on the market? After all that what's next?

I always go back to the same conclusion that I am searching for meaning some sort of purpose.I am still young and I know that I still have a life time to discover what it is and when I do, I hope, I will find happiness, peace and contentment.

I think the first step is to get out of debt. After that, everything changes.

Manifesting reality is a new concept for me. It fits into my world view and the power of possibilities. I plan on doing my part.

Absolutely there is such a thing as a 10x developer. Just take a look at Dan Larimer or Vitalek Buterin - these guys are probably 100x. It's about talent and an ability to mentally conceptualise (and solve/design) large complex systems. Work ethic certainly helps, but it's worthless if you don't have the talent.

I honestly don't know where I am between 1 and 2. At times things seem to move quite quickly for me and other times I am isolated and treading water. I have learnt to live with (and embrace) the volatility and uncertainty. I've spent a lot of time mentoring and managing others in my professional life and to be honest - I got sick of it. It was just a constant drain on my time and energy that was holding me back from following my own path.

a lot of our society is sick and dysfunctional, people are not able to actualize themselves because there are too many daily, contraindicative impediments and grand sucking sounds pushing us back to a dismal norm. we have so many wonderful tools and pools of knowledge, but overall we are surrounded by idiotic, macho, and xenophobic concepts. our society worldwide is in a profound funk that will likely only be cured by a destructive war, because people are too ignorant except to learn the hard way.


Or, as demonstrated in Puerto Rico recently (and somewhat in Hong Kong, from what I hear), people are waking up and demanding more autonomy and self-rule but, and maybe for the first time ever, they are doing it mostly non-violently. Peaceful revolution! That's unprecedented. I put some thoughts on Facebook about that here.

We can either look outward and blame our environment for the problems we see or we can look inward and celebrate the light and growth that only we can control.

Society isn't really a "thing" beyond an emergent property of individual consciousnesses. As individuals, we can change the world the most by changing ourselves.

As individuals, we can change the world the most by changing ourselves.

Aye!! that sounds a lot Krishnamurtianistic to me. LoL

I felt this talk directly to me as my days go by so fast now given all O am trying to achieve while finding time for what I enjoy as well. Balance is always tough as there is always something that comes up!

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Very thought provoking post. I feel I am resonating highly currently but am being drawn down by some around me, Personally I want to bring these people up but this drains my energy too much and only pulls me down, now I can recharge as it were relatively quickly but it appears a bit of a battle 💯🐒