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Hi, id be lying if i said i like the photo, i hate these things and I have been working with a cloudbuster to get rid of them. These are not my discoveies other than reading about Wilhelm Reich. If you want to do something about them please have a look at my posts and videos on what my family and i are doing to prevent them.
Look forward to seeing what you think.
Sean UK


H Sean

Thanks so much for the info & your work. I've heard of cloudbusting using orgonite & some other methods. Would love to learn more.

Followed you to do so


Heidi ~


Heidi, thanks so much for getting in touch, and it is fantastic to hear you are doing something proactive to defend yourself and your community.
I am rather hoping we can all bunch together and come up with any improvements together as i am putting up everything i learn or find useful.
My next post which i am working on is about removing chemtrails from your system using a charging plate and certain minerals, possibly distilled water too. Hearing from other people who are doing this makes me feel great and not the only one using it.
Please help to promote awareness and post any cloudbusting photos to #mycloudbusterdidthis@gameywatchman to show how your devices are changing the atmosphere.
Please keep in touch and thanks for following and commenting, i look forward to hearing from you more.
Sean from Norfolk UK


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