Show us your talent contest // The real romance found in the face book written by @madushanka

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Hello Wonderful Steem Community,

Yesterday I looked great announcement of @upmewhale's discord community, who were arranged contest @roadstories. Here's my entry to show us your talent contest.

Story started over 10 years ago. It had became a habit to go to the face book with all the work done. Get rid of that tiredness. Read a post. I looked some interesting girl when I previously met. And a girl's account that looks like a lovely. So I thought she would confirm the request.Very quickly I made a request to her. But unexpectedly the request was confirmed. Hi, for confirmation. As soon as I put the message on, the other half came back similar message 'Hi'. So much fun to say. There was no one left to chat. So this is how the love story started.

We've been messing around for a long time. Days, weeks, and months we were unaware of the day-to-day communication. We were very close to that time. It's hard to say that love. Anyway, she's my best friend. In between you started to tell his life story. It's a very sad story. I wanted to make him happy from the moment I told that story.She had even given me his phone number. So even if I can't come face-to-face, she'll call and ask for her comfort. Even though we were friends, this time we were very happy.

Thought it would make the beautiful time here more beautiful. Hope that makes her happy forever. It was a beautiful day. I said I love her. It really is. I love it too. That first day of love was found in the face book. As time went by, she became like me and my whole life. I gave her everything she really wanted, not a little.


As time passed, my father fell ill one day. Because of that sickness, I didn't have time to look for her before. Because of so many problems. Dad's illness cost a lot. I took whatever I could to home. But as time went on, I became more and more troubled. Home problems. Everything fell over my shoulder. I didn't actually meet a girl friend because I was in a bad state. But she thought she'd miss me. As time went on, there were no opportunity to eat rice at home. I never wanted to be an lier. So I hid my problems.

She asked me what she wanted. But I had no money to pay for them. But I was patient because of my own fault. I was in a position to get one if I could. My problems were concealed, in my heart. Tell me about his anger and sadness. I know that Kentucky cannot tolerate that. She has desires too. But I told her my problems and didn't give to her my questions. But our quarrel escalated. To my dismay, there is no cooking at home today. There is no rice at home. I was so sad.

She told important thing. The girl friend said she would pawn her earrings and bring them home to cook. It was really sad to say that. That was the day I felt the most love for me. If I had been there, I would have felt so sad and happy to cry. That is why I felt so much love.

Absolutely biggest appreciation to @upmewhale for giving biggest support to steemians for increase our talent.

If you want to participate this contest please read rules and guidelines before make post via link Here


Thanks your curration support. 😊😊😊

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It's a very nice love story, a lot of these things happen in real life, I've met many important people in my life who I thought was love on social networks, so it was a good idea to make a story almost based on facts of reality.

Here comes the sad thing, your entry is not valid, it is important that you read the rules of the contest before publishing, there clearly says that your story must have a minimum of 1000 words.

On the other hand, the source of the image is not correct, when you open an image from google images you must take the source from the page, not from the address of google, in your case the original source is this:

Don't be discouraged. The important thing about this contest is to participate (always reading the rules and tips of the contest) and to learn, thank you very much for your participation.

P.S: Use this to justify your text and make it look much better for the one who reads you.

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Omg... I forgot to enter over 1000 words. It was my bad. Other errors fixed.
Thanks for remind my faults and next time I'll do my best @roadstories.

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