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Thank you everyone...

Feeling The Love

Yesterday, I made a post finishing up a 7 day positivity challenge. In that post, in one phrase, I summed up the entire 7 day series and how I saw it. @calumam was quick to catch it, I said, "you have to give love to get it". This reigns true in any circumstance. I fully believe that paying it forward is an edict to live by. Do unto others, build the good Karma, however you want to look at it, it is a universal truth. You get what you give because the universe practices the law of equivalent exchange.

Getting Some Back

In the Steemit waters, you have to do the same thing. I'd like to think that by fostering friendships and 'networking' here, that I've shown some love. This week was beautiful because people are showering me with love right back. It's not the first time, but it was so much at once I feel I have to give it back to them and show my appreciation for them highlighting me.


It started with her this week, in this post about how to 'Help Steem'. Then to honor me on a whole new level, a few days later, she actually called me her 'Hero'! If you read this post, you can see how she holds me in high regard. I'm a fan of @enchantedspirit too. Her and her husband, @catweasel, (both heavy curators for @thesteemengine) are an amazing dynamic duo - even if they won't admit it. Seriously though, of over a million Steemit accounts, and I'm somehow in your top 3? That was very humbling to read sweets, thank you, I see you.


In the same challenge @apolymask started that Eagle accepted and announced her heroes, @c0ff33a went and made a comment that caught me by surprise. Again, I was humbled being in someone else I admire's top three. He also 'witnessed' his first block this week! Much love and man hugs brosef, moobs and all!


My Booty Captain. Seriously? MVP? Still just in awe of this post. @emjoe made me a #mancrushmonday, @christheaudioguy gave me major props, even @robertallen showed me some love in a post but MVP? Good ol' Cap't Dreem Steem has a #witness contest running that is coaxing people to announce their MVP for #witnesses. The prize is getting up there too! I am hers. Still don't know how to react to this one. Started with blushing and a few ahem ... dust was in my eyes. Ya. Dust. Mad love sweets, you honor me.


And then, and then, and THEN! All the people showing up in the comments of those posts. Y'all just don't know. I've thought of throwing in the towel a few times, frustrated with the slow progress I was making but still seeing that I was making a little bit of a difference for a few. Back to you and your support making me feel all special and shit. You know, it's catching on, right? The thing I was talking about in the beginning of this post? I don't know how many people are carrying the 'vote for Engine' gifs but it's not just family anymore. This is a hard post to write. Just, touched. Thank you, everyone. Shouts to all the people that commented on the posts up there:

@eaglespirit Engagers -

@dreemsteem Engagers

Again, Thank You

This post is meant to honor those that have honored me this week and I know there are several others doing multiple things to honor me as well. Like @mariannewest and the @freewritehouse. They always give me props. @ladytsfrancine, who was a contestant in one of @killerwhale's contest, carries a gif. @buzzbeergeek for shouting out @killerwhale's #cryptoguesscontest all the time. @poetsunited, for giving me credit in helping them. ALL the people that have approved my witness, use #thealliance tag and just give back to me what I've been giving. Love you. STeeM oN my peoples, thanks for being YOU!


@snook made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png


You give out love to any and all and never think of yourself. You will drop anything that you are doing for someone in need never taking credit for any of it. You push people, in a good way, to want to be more like you.

You have a gift and a way with people that makes me proud to call you brother and family.

I know I have not been here as much but your name and all the good you do is always on my mind. You are who I tell people to talk to if I can not help them. You see all sides and only ever have good, fairness in your heart.

I love what @dreamsteem did and @eaglespirit and so many others for you. I love that your name is getting out more and more so more people can know the real you that I know and love.



And again, much love sis. You have been and are one of the people I come to when I'm not 'up to par' and feeling wrong. Thank you on many levels. You're a wonderful friend to have and awesome sister.

thank you snookie!! life wouldnt be the same here on steemit without you! ill get to you mr bad karaoke at some point. maybe after 2 margaritas next time😆


I will wait for the margaritas :D

hehe fun fun fun

woo hoo this is a beautiful post (not just bc im in it) but because there are some amazingly beautiful people youve mentioned. im honored to “know” them all or on my way to engaging with them. thank you very much for the feature!

i see you,

I think it is fair to say the more you give and help people the more they remember and give back to you. It's no real surprise that you are so many people's top person on Steemit, you look after so many and do so much to help them - I often feel a large portion don't even realise how much you are doing for them.

So many good people mentioned in here, the communities of Steemit are amazing and contain so many characters. I'm not sure I do enough to honour a mention but thank you very much for taking the time to.

#thealliance #witness

There are only a handful of people that I see almost everywhere I go and you're one of them. You deserve mounds of appreciation and credit my man.

Go here https://steemit.com/@a-a-a to get your post resteemed to over 72,000 followers.

Go here https://steemit.com/@a-a-a to get your post resteemed to over 72,000 followers.

Lovely post! All kind words :) this is the love steem needs.

Thanks man, maybe you should join the #7daypositivitychallenge and spread some good vibes, can consider this me nominating you :P

Awesome. Going to look at it now ;)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

What a sweet gesture

Lovin' the love fest! You do so much, and your generosity is felt by many. Glad to see the recognition coming in, and those witness gifs in more people's footers. You make Steemit a lot of fun, my friend, and the way you create family for all of us? So special.

As for my spicy Steem Wars post... glad you liked it. ;) Thanks for the shout out. Much love!!! 💖

You're a quality leader @enginewitty ... the sort of leader that we need on the witness list and leading groups like thealliance. Don't ever question if you should be. Others will do that for you as snarky as some can get.

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