ShortTens #1: Love & Hate and Other Shorts | 10x10 word stories by @ahmadmanga

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Stories that are exactly 10 words.

~Short Tens~


Salam (peace)

Hi everyone, I'm ahmadmanga... a hobbyist Gamedev who likes to draw and write stories....
A few days ago, I read the book The Authors Publish Compendium of Writing Prompts by Emily Harstone. As its name says, it's a book full of prompts and tips for writing, and one advice I liked is to write 10 words stories... One day I said, why not try that? and it was fun to do~

So here are 10 of the 10-word stories I wrote, they are varied in the topic as I just wrote what I thought of. when I write fiction, I usually don't write in English but only in arabic.. this was a good exercise for my English writing.

I'm thinking of making this once-every-3-days thing. so tell me if you liked these stories.

The Theme This Time Is: It's The First Time, There's No Theme!!



The late King ruled us with fear... and died frightened.


how did you solve this problem? which scientists couldn't solve.


Chloe went to my birthday party yesterday, I wasn't there.


Found Kate's murderer dead, The Suspect is another serial killer.


His malevolence alone made the trees whether and children cry.


Power of Love is the strongest power, But not ours!!

Love 2

They're at it again... showing their love openly, that's embarrassing!!


Remember last time we've been on land? It's our last.


Spend all your billions!! to me you remain that crybaby.


The sword of chosen is glowing, you're the destined Hero.

So~ what do you think?

Did you like these stories? Do you think you can improve one? what did you like about each one? I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

I wish I make a trend of this, hence I made a new hashtag called #shorttens

I'm going now, so I wish a nice day to all of you

Salam (Peace)


You've won the Best of Steemit Prize for Fiction for Tuesday! Congratulations.

There's a prize like that!? hope to have its announcement link... (and the winners link too if possible).

Thank you for choosing me!!

Very nice! I think I might give this a try as well, great idea!

glad to have inspired you to try.... thanks for reading.

Kind of intresting I must say will see how everything works out and might give it a try too

You liked, I;m glad... happy to have inspired you to try.

and thanks for reading and the comment!!

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Nice! I liked the first one best! Keep at it :)

That's my second favorite but decided to start with it because it's a true story...

"Anchor" is my favorite, not sure why?

Well, to each his own. I just like King best because it is the most poignant. At least in my opinion!
Congrats! Maybe I'll have a go at this sometime, but I do not consider myself that creative.

If you do, link me...

I'll be sure to do that :)
But don't count on me being this creative :p

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