Shut It Down

in shorts •  3 months ago

There is nothing in my life that I can do to change how I feel. I suffer from empathy.
There is no one I can talk to, because I know what the problem is, and I know solutions, but people have delegated their responsibility and actions to politicians.
My feelings will not change. I cannot live in a system that has special chosen citizens that demands everyone else to die. I think it is fucking disgusting. Nothing changing in MY life will make me think otherwise.
As humans we suffer from comfort. The more comfortable we are, the less effort we can put into change.

The easiest (non-violent) method to effect change is by targeting key economic routes in the UK with Thermite. Brexit has put us at tipping point and provided this opportunity.
Thermite is aluminum and rust mixed together. You can order aluminum online easy. Then find rusted iron and get scraping.
All we have to do is pour the thermite over our targeted areas (a bridge for example), in the middle of the night when no one is around, and in places away from surveillance. Safely light it and leave.

It might not seem like much, but targeting key economic routes will cost the UK millions and billions. We can shut it down.

Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover

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It might not seem like much, but targeting key economic routes will cost the UK millions and billions. We can shut it down.



Better to break the state, than to break the poor ^_^

This is part of a short literature piece I am working on.

There is nothing in my life that I can do to change how I feel. I suffer from empathy.

Perspective flip:

You do not suffer from empathy, but rather have had some difficulties in the learning curve of how to stabilize senses that are opening up.

What you feel is not to be changed, but perhaps rather you are to play a role in changing what’s out of alignment your senses that you are perceiving - much through senses, beyond the commonly-accepted five, which are opening up.

I left a comment the other day on this subject of empathy being a mistranslation of this sensory-activation phenomena, and how the name of the game is stabilization through the process - evolving into transformation through processing memory.

It’s on a slightly different tangent where this post went with the economic/rebellious focus, though might be some nuggets in there for you. Though, may unlock some insights into a different approach - shifting from the mindset of having to resort to destructive action/rebellion on outside physical plane, to a route of initiating Planetary transformation far more powerful via the inner route, progressing down the path of evolving those senses (such as “empathy”) opening up to the point of rewriting genetic-cultural-societal codes...


Also for consideration:

The old systems are already breaking down.

Thus, is time & energy better expended in destruction (of what’s already going down), or wisely invested in building the new, which requires the passion and commitment of a population who see and believe in greater possibilities...? ;-)


I am merely an artist creating destruction ^_^ A reflection of my society.

I went into town with this piece.


I was offered a gun on the outskirts of the city centre/economically deprived areas which I did not expect. The more deprived the area, the more support and screaming for the piece.
As I entered to the centre of the city, and approached L1 shopping centre (a consumer cathedral covering a large part of the city owned by one family), the cheers lessened until at the centre of the shopping district I was hurled negative hateful comments, as the piece "RIOT" fracture their peaceful view of their consumer world.
Someone even called the police on me. The police love my art though.

If I destroy the economy around me, it won't be through destruction, but acts of creating destruction. Perfectly in line with nature and the natural order. As an artist I merely feel the energy of my audience and feed off it. With such dystopia around me I reflect a breaking society.

My recent writings are part of a bigger piece exploring the rise of male violence within unequal societies, and the effects that this has. We are heading to people attacking their own economy, and also I can smell riot.