I Could Not Be Stopped

in shorts •  2 months ago

The "Haves" couldn't believe what was happening. It was like 2008 all over again for them; full of denial. Their matrix view of the world would not allow them to see the new reality. It would take years for their group-think brains to adjust.

Not even the detectives investigating us could see us. We were utilising the cognitive biases within humans to run rampage; they couldn't see us because they couldn't believe us. We did not fit into their world narrative . They believed in a just-world, and we were shielded by these false realities. The police knew it couldn't have been me for example because I was a "degree educated good boy from a good family". That was a trick of their own narrative and law.

Humans are merely actors, playing roles. They don't understand why they are doing things, or the reality behind their performances. As an actor I saw right through the animal homo sapien. I played a role that didn't exist, and it was to no surprise I could not be stopped.

Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover

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Exquisite opportunity to live a thousand lives in one, be good or bad, police or thief and all this for having the joy of being an actor.

There are few poems of mine with striking similarities to your text. Which is really interesting, given that they are texts from different time and even language. Like, sometimes, literature would be created within feelings rather than languages.

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We are all actors in life, many times we have to act in roles that we do not want but that is what we have to do.
those who are in the show can decide, choose and discard performances, it is best not to pay the consequences.

Frankly, i am curious to hear your thoughts on my poems. I have noticed you liked some of them :) .